What will happen each day this week

Want a seat in the Jets' Draft War Room? Pull up a chair as general manager Terry Bradway walks you through a day-by-day rundown of events in the two weeks leading up to the 2002 NFL Draft.

April 10-11

As far as our schedule of events over the next week, again we've completed our position meetings actually (Wednesday, Apr. 10). We completed 10 days of position meetings. We (had) our medical meeting with Dave Price, Dr. Pellman, Hershman and Montgomery (Thursday, Apr. 11)) in which they go over all the players. We try to do that before we do the (draft) board because it may influence a player, drop (him) down a few rounds or take him off the board completely. We'll get a chance to visit with them this afternoon.

April 12-15

We'll be cleaning up, doing follow-up work, getting everything ready for Monday. On Monday morning, we will have our initial review of the draft board. That will be with Herm (Edwards), with Dick (Haley, director of player personnel), with (assistant GM) Mike Tannenbaum and Jesse Kaye. Jesse will be coming on next year as our director of college scouting. It's important for him to be involved in this. We'll also visit with (director of security) Steve Yarnell to go over our security and background checks. It's critical that Steve got some good information for us. We hopefully will know as much as we need to know about all these players.

April 16

The scouts will review the draft board. We'll bring the whole group in and kind of review what we did the day before. We'll get a chance for the scouts to discuss the late-round draft picks and the free agents. They will be able to go through and identify players that they either want to push up into a draftable position or guys we want to identify as priority free agents we want to aggressively pursue once the draft is over.

April 17

We'll have our third review of the draft board. This will be with the scouts also. We'll also talk about our draft strategy in terms of going up and down in each round relative to the players on the board. We'll also keep our team needs and numbers. (We discuss) once the draft is over, trying to acquire players to get to our limit to fill our camp roster.

April 18-19

The final review of the draft board with the scouts. That will be the final run-through. We'll talk about our draft strategy. We'll also talk about our post-draft strategy in terms of our responsibilities with our personnel, our scouts, our coaches … so that they know exactly, when the draft is over, (which free agents) we want to focus on, who we want to go try to get signed that night.

Off of last year's team with (rookie free agents Tory) Woodbury, (Daniel) Wilcox, James Rooths, we did a pretty good job there. There are some other ones we didn't, but that's OK. In a free-agent deal, if you can get three of those guys to make your 53, you've done a pretty good job.

About Thursday or Friday we'll start contacting other teams. The standard response right now is, "If our guy is there, we'll take him. If he's not, we'll consider doing something." That's basically what everybody says.

We'll also talk about the free-agent recruiting. Certain players we've identified who we think may or may not get drafted, and our scouts and coaches are in constant contact with, in terms of trying to recruit them once the draft is over, trying to convince them this is the place they want to be.

The biggest thing next week is we have our draft dinner on Thursday night, our annual deal, to thank everybody for their efforts in terms of putting this whole thing together.

On Friday, final review of draft strategy, then we're ready to go.

April 20 – Draft Day One

Saturday is easy, it's like game day. These guys work all week, practice all week, now on game day, it's easy. You just hope you get lucky. I think last year we were able to do that in a couple different places.

Once the draft is over on Saturday night, as a staff we restack the board. All the players who are left, we restack them, basically we come up with guys we really think have a good chance to make our team. Usually what happens is out of your Top 10 guys you have lined up, about eight of those guys go in the first half of the fourth round. Once guys you like get taken in the fourth round, line them all up again, pick the best players.

April 21 – Draft Day Two

On Sunday we come back, get round four and five. There's a chance we could pick up a sixth- or seventh-round pick if we were to trade down somewhere along the line. That could happen, couldn't happen. But then we get into the post-draft free-agent signing once the draft is over, which is very competitive, very aggressive.

Our scouts and coaches take it as a challenge trying to go acquire some guys they think have a chance to make our football team.

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