A conversation with Wayne Chrebet

Q)What are your thoughts on Brooks Bollinger starting?

Chrebet: Any time he's gotten a chance during the off season, or in training camp, if Chad had the practice off, he would step right in. We didn't miss a beat with him. He's a confident guy and knows how to win. I don't think he's going to back down from the situation come Sunday.

Q)How does Brooks' confidence come out?

Chrebet: You can just see it. There's no hesitation. He gets in the huddle, calls the play and basically goes right into the role of leader. He doesn't shy away from it and that's the kind of guy you want leading your team on Sunday.

Q)What is his arm strength like?

Chrebet: He has a real strong arm. He can throw the ball real well down field with good zip on it. He's got a strong arm.

Q)What are your thoughts on the current state of the team?

Chrebet: Everyone in this locker room is fully aware of the importance of this game. Everybody is aware of the situation, us losing both our QB on Sunday. Everyone is also aware of how good our defense is getting and how good our offense can be if we get back on track. We have 13 games left; we're not hitting the panic button right now.

Q)How tough will it be to overcome all the injuries?

Chrebet: You see across the League every year, major impact players get hurt. That's what we have back-ups for. It's how good they can fill in that will tell you what kind of team you're going to have. New England is a perfect example. They've had nothing but injuries the past couple years and guys come in and don't miss a beat. That's why they're a winning team. Hopefully, we can do the same.

Q)Did your chemistry with Vinny click immediately?

Chrebet: Twenty years from now we can go to a park and call a play and we'll probably be on the same page. We always had that kind of relationship on the field, so it's good to have him back.

Q)What is Vinny's arm strength like now?

Chrebet: You can ask some of the guys that haven't been here, (Doug) Jolley was saying to me, "Wow, he really puts some zip on it." I said, "Yeah, he can throw it." I don't see any difference than when he was here five or six years ago, whenever it was. He still has a real strong arm and throws amazing zip on the ball.

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