A post-game conversation with Bollinger

Q)Did you get more comfortable as they game progressed?

Bollinger: Yeah, I think I did. It was too little, too late. Things didn't go well early, I just needed to make some plays to give us some momentum, and I didn't do that. Obviously, it's disappointing to me. I feel like I let those guys down. The only thing I can do is get back to work.

Q)You said you didn't make the plays, but how much of that was their defense?

Bollinger: That is the other aspect of it. I give them all the credit in the world. They are a great defense, and they played well. But I feel I could have played better, and given us a chance. But there is no question they made plays and did some good stuff.

Q)Tell us a little bit about the first and goal, and the four plays.

Bollinger: That was definitely one of the most disappointing things of the day. The bootleg we ran down there, I should have thrown it away. We ended up losing a couple of yards on it. I got pinned out there, and I should have thrown it away and put us back on the one.

Q)On the bootleg, who were you looking for in the end zone?

Bollinger: Doug Jolley.

Q)Is all the talk about Vinny tough on you?

Bollinger: That is something you are always going to have to deal with in this league. I have to worry about me, and whatever role they give me on this team, I'm going to execute it to the best of my ability. Today, I didn't do that well enough.

Q)Do you think you earned the opportunity to start one more week?

Bollinger: That isn't up to me. In this league, you don't know when you opportunities are going to come, and you have to make the most of them when they do.

Q)What was the Ravens defensive approach like?

Bollinger: It's similar to our defense. A lot of the stuff I see all the time. It's plays I feel I should make. I know what I need to do better for us to move the ball on offense.

Q)Why do you feel like you let your teammates down?

Bollinger: In a game like this, it only takes one or two games on offense to keep you in the game, when it's such a low scoring game. I just didn't do that. There were some things early that I missed.

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