A post-game conversation with Testaverde

Q)Did you surpass even your own expectations?

Testaverde: My realistic expectation was to get the guys to believe in me and to get the season turned around. I think their confidence was wavering a little bit after Chad (Pennington) and Jay (Fiedler) went down. The defense is unbelievable. If we can just get better from here on offense, then we can win a lot of games.

Q)Does playing ever get old?

Testaverde: No, just me.

Q)Is this kind of game the reason you came back?

Testaverde: I think I can still do it, that is why I came back. If the line allows me to get hit three times a game, I'm going to play a long time.

Q)What were your emotions when you got the standing ovation when you took the field?

Testaverde: It sent chills through me. I wish I could express to them how it felt to me, but all I could do was stick my hand in the air, but I had goose bumps all over me.

Q)How did you adapt to the speed of the game?

Testaverde: During my quiet time at home, I would think about it a lot. That's the truth. Sitting there at night, laying awake in bed, thinking about the speed of the game and visualize it in my mind trying to slow it down. So when I took my first snap today, it wouldn't be 90 miles per hour. I think that helped me out a little bit.

Q)How do you think you will feel on Monday?

Testaverde: I'm going to feel fine for two reasons. One, because it was a great win, and second, because I didn't get hit too much.

Q)How do you maintain your arm strength at an advanced age?

Testaverde: Thank you for stating it like that. I've been blessed with a gift. That is why I keep coming back. I feel like I owe it to myself and the Lord who blessed me with it.

Q)How were you able to play so well with such limited practice?

Testaverde: That is part of why the coaches called me. They rely on my experience. I relied on my experience as well to win the game.

Q)What happened on the interception?

Testaverde: I just took a shot as I threw the ball. That's what happened.

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