Chad Pennington - in his own words

There has been a lot of speculations and all kinds of predictions.

The injury I sustained on September 25th is a rare injury. When you get hit like that, some kind of damage will happen to your shoulder.

There was not a disagreement between the two medical camps. A lot of people thought from the outside that is was a career-ending thing. But both camps knew it wasn't a career-ending injury. MRI's give some detail, but MRI's don't disclose everything going on in the shoulder. The only way to know is to have a scope and see what is going on.

I had no clue what was going on. The doctors could give me some information, but they didn't know until they went in there and found out. I was in a gray area for 10 days. I felt the only way I was going to get an answer was to have Dr. Andrews do a scope on me and see what was wrong. That decision was made by me last Wednesday night. I went to Birmingham Thursday morning and in the afternoon Dr. Andrews was looking at me. Jets' Dr. Montgomery was in the operating room with Dr. Andrews. They found that the rotator cuff was air-tight. The repaired area looked really good. This is an unrelated injury. There is a tear in the capsule area in the front of the shoulder. There was a minor tear underneath the rotator cuff. My rotator cuff and labrum were intact, and withstood the hit. They went in with arthoscopic and did the surgery. That is a big positive. Last year's surgery wasn't a scope. The fact that my rotator cuff withstood the pressure is a positive. I'm pretty excited about the prognosis. Instead of six months of rehab. I will have 10 months of rehab. Time is on my side now. I spoke to Dr. Andrews this morning and he expects a full recovery.

I know when I'm healthy I can compete with any quarterback in the league.

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