Star-Ledger contradicts Pennington

On Monday, Jets quarterback Chad Pennington said he won't have any problem coming back 100 percent from his latest shoulder injury. That isn't necessarily the case according to Dave "Hutch" Hutchinson in Wednesday's Newark Star-Ledger. Two team officials leaked the information to the paper, according to Hutchinson.

"The prognosis for Chad Pennington and his twice surgically repaired right shoulder isn't as hopeful as the Jets quarterback would have people believe, two team officials with knowledge of his injury said yesterday," wrote Hutchinson.

"Team officials have told The Star-Ledger that the arthroscopic surgery on Pennington's shoulder was every bit as serious as the surgery he had last February to repair a torn rotator cuff, labrum and remove bone chips. The fact the surgery was arthroscopic doesn't mean it has any less dire consequences.

"During Pennington's news conference Monday, it was conspicuous that no member of the Jets' medical staff or training staff took part to help explain the situation. A club spokesman said team physician Elliot Pellman didn't attend at the request of Pennington. Nonetheless, the absence of anyone from the team's medical staff fuels speculation the organization isn't as confident about Pennington's playing future as he's trying to be."

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