Q&A with Jon McGraw

"It's exciting [being a Jet]. Really, to be honest with you, I didn't see this coming at all. Definitely was a pleasant surprise."

Q.  What have the Jets talked to you about, Herm or Terry, about how you'd be used this first year?  Mostly specials?

            JON McGRAW:  Yeah, I think I'll definitely have to earn my stripes first on special teams.  Something I had to do at Kansas State.  That won't be any big change for me.   Hopefully I'll be able to use my athletic ability and work my way into some safety play, as well.


            Q.  In talking to them, what did they tell you that really liked about you?  What did they envision for you in terms of what you'll be able to bring to the table at the safety position?

            JON McGRAW:  I think liked my all‑around athletic ability, think I have good range, good speed for my size.  The ability to play on special teams as well I think was a big factor.


            Q.  Herman Edwards has a history with defensive backs, John Lynch, and safeties.  Is that something you talked about or that you relish a chance to play for a guy like that?

            JON McGRAW:  Definitely, definitely.  This is a huge opportunity for me.  He's done a lot of great things with some great safeties.  I really look forward to the opportunity to play underneath him.


            Q.  Do you pattern your game after anyone in the NFL?

            JON McGRAW:  Well, I don't know if I pattern my game after him, but I've always admired John Lynch.  I love his hard‑nosed hit‑you‑no‑matter‑what‑the‑situation kind of attitude.  That's definitely something I want to bring  ‑‑ develop in my game, a little more toughness, that tough‑minded mentality.  Something I don't think you can enough of at the safety position.


Q.  What do you think is your best position, free or strong safety?

            JON McGRAW:  I think naturally at the weight I'm at right now, free safety.  But I don't think there's any problem with me putting on 10 pounds.  I love to come up and hit.  I think I can easily be put in the strong safety spot, as well.


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