Q&A with Bryan Thomas

"I don't know if it's a threat. I don't know who it's a threat to. He's going to line up at end, the best two ends will start. However it goes from there, it goes from there." - Coach Herman Edwards commenting on how the drafting of Bryan Thomas may have on Shaun Ellis

Some people say you're not real strong against the run.  Can you address that issue?

            BRYAN THOMAS:  Well, I mean, I feel I'm okay against the run.  I mean, my junior season, that was the season I had trouble against it.  But I improved my senior year.  So, I mean, I feel I improved very well against it.


            Q.  How about coming to New York, what are your thoughts on that?

            BRYAN THOMAS:  It's great.  I was just in New York the days I was training for the Combine and everything.  I really enjoyed the city up there.


            Q.  How fast are you?

            BRYAN THOMAS:  As far as what?


            Q.  Like 40 and actual football speed on the field?

            BRYAN THOMAS:  My 40 time, my electronic time was a 4.50, hand‑held people told me they had at 4.47, 4.48, things of that nature.  As far as my field speed, I feel it's pretty well.  I had to time myself chasing down a play, which I feel I'm pretty fast.


Q.  How about being taken at No.  22?  Did you think you could go that high or was it kind of a surprise?

            BRYAN THOMAS:  I mean, it was a surprise to me.  But I felt I could go that high because I feel that my stats are better than some of the people who came out or who were supposed to be rated higher than me.  Coming from a lower level, from a smaller school, a lot of people didn't take note of that.


            Q.  Do you think that was the difference between and some of the other defensive ends that haven't been taken off the board yet?

            BRYAN THOMAS:  You say what now?


            Q.  Do you think the stats were the difference between yourself and some other defensive ends not taken off the board?

            BRYAN THOMAS:  I feel so.  I mean, I had a pretty outstanding year.  People, like you said, take note of that that the competition wasn't so well and everything.  But I feel really got a lot of people, for me to get their attention, was my 40 time.


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