Buffalo post-game Whispers

The Jets offense had some commication problems in the team's 27-17 loss to Buffalo.

They had a headset problem on their first drive.

"We had trouble hearing in the first period, that is why we had the delay of game," said Heimderdinger . . .

Jets tight end Joel Dreessen suffered a right knee injury in the game. He had a big ice bag on his right knee after the game, and was limping around. It looks like it might be serious . . .

Jets safety Erik Coleman went to the X-Ray room after the game. We aren't sure what it was for . . .

Jets center Mawae suffered a left elbow injury against the Bills. He left the game for a couple of series in the third quarter. He then attempted to come back, but gave up a sack to Bills defensive tackle Tim Anderson, so he realized he had to come out of the game. Then after backup center Jonathan Goodwin and Vinny Testaverde had two botched snaps, line coach Doug Morrone made another change. Goodwin was moved to left guard, and left guard Pete Kendall was plugged in at center, the position he played his last year in Arizona . . .

The Jets defensive line was dominated by a Bills offensive line that was much bigger than the Jets Front Four. The Bills guards, Chris Villareal and Bennie Anderson were particularly dominant.

"We've got some pretty bad dudes on the O-line and it's nice for me as a center to have those two guards in there with me," said Bills center Trey Teague.

Bills running back Willie McGahee ran for 143 yards. The Jets gave up a lot of yards to McGahee after broken tackles.

Jets defensive end Shaun Ellis said the team allowed about seven yards per carry after first contact to McGahee.

Jets defensive coordinator Donnie Henderson was disgusted with the team's run defense. "We didn't play very good run defense today," said Henderson. "We didn't tackle very well. The bottom line is that we didn't tackle well, that is the bottom line.

"I'm a little disappointed. I didn't think they could run the ball like that did, but they did. That is a good running football team, and they ran it right down our throats.

"That team over there ran the ball right at us, down hill. We had a chance to make tackles, and we didn't do it. That is the bottom line – we didn't tackle."

A big problem for the Jets in this game was the their defensive linemen didn't protecting their linebackers, so they could flow to the ball. A goal of the Bills entering this game was to get a blocker on linebacker Jonathan Vilma as much as possible.

"When you have a linebacker as active as Vilma, you have to get a blocker on him," Bills middle linebacker London Fletcher told Jets Confidential. "In the run game, you have to have a guy account for him, otherwise he will make tackles all day. [Our offense] made sure they got a body on him, and they forced corners to make tackles. Often times corners like to cover, but (don't like to tackle)."

The fact that Coleman tied for the team lead in tackles with 12, shows you how poorly the Front Seven played . . .

John Abraham, suffered a thigh injury in the game, but continued to play. He was a non-factor, and finished with just one tackle. Abraham's lack of training camp and an off-season program might be catching up to him now. He's been very quiet the last couple of games.

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