A conversation with Pete Kendall

Q)What are your thoughts on making your debut as the Jets center on Monday Night Football?

Kendall: Monday night is not really a big deal for me. It just shortens the next work week. Earlier in my career, it would've been nice; I believe I've only done it twice, maybe three times. Once they kick the ball off it's just another game whether you play it Sunday at 1:00 pm or Monday at 9:00 pm.

Q)Will the extra day of practice help you and Vinny develop more chemistry?

Kendall: It should help us develop that one extra day of continuity between the QB and myself, although we didn't really practice (on Wednesday). It was more of a mental day, more of getting acclimated, an introduction to Atlanta. In the long run I don't know how much it really helps. You look at it on the positive side, it's an extra day to get healthy, an extra day to heal up. The downside is that typically you have a short week following, but we're luckily enough to have the bye (week).

Q)What is your history at the center position?

Kendall: I played a Sunday night game in '98 after a day of practice and was pressed into service on a Sunday night game against Oakland. I played three quarters with really no experience. That was probably what you'd expect from somebody that had only one practice. Then I played a couple series against the Jets, I think in that same season in the Meadowlands. Beyond that I hadn't played until I was approached in the 2003 off-season (by Arizona).

Q)How does pulling change going from guard to center?

Kendall: It's a little different. I think the types of pulls are different. As a center, you're not asked to pull and kick out which is nice, it's a little easier on the body. Believe it or not, playing in a balanced stance, which is what I'd have to do as a center, makes it easier to get out up and run.

Q)Did you play center as a kid at all?

Kendall: 1981, I was eight-years old. We were undefeated that year too, 8-0. That was the Tigerhawks.

Q)How will all the changes on the offensive line impact the chemistry?

Kendall: It's certainly less that ideal. Now, I think we'll have four guys playing different positions. Four of the five guys we opened with. Jonathan (Goodwin) is going to have to get used to playing guard, I'm gong to have to get used to playing center and we're all going to have to get used to communicating with each other. It's not impossible; it's not something that doesn't happen in some NFL city almost every week.

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