Edwards: I tell the truth

Q)What exactly is Vinny's injury?

Edwards: Lower Achilles tendon strain. It's not like when he ruptured his other one because he couldn't walk on it. I don't think it's anything like that. The MRI will tell where he's at with it.

Q)Is revealing MRI results a competitive disadvantage?

Edwards: No, not competitive, I just tell the truth and get it out of the way. No, if I hear something today, if he's out, he's out. I'm not going to hold it, I'll tell the truth. I don't disguise anything. I don't try to trick people.

Q)When will Jay Fiedler be able to throw?

Edwards: I would say in a couple of weeks, maybe. He won't do anything this week. I would anticipate maybe next week, he might, but we'll see where he's at.

Q)If Testaverde is healthy do you anticipates him starting vs. San Diego . . .

Edwards: Right now we haven't even talked about it. I don't even know. I would think so, yes. Like I said, we have all this week to talk about what we're going to do offensively and defensively, and I see some things that we've got to correct and that's probably the most important thing. We've got to correct some things that are correctable, and that will help us, give us a better chance to win.

Q)Are you leaving the door open for who might start at quarterback against San Diego?

Edwards: I'm not trying to start a quarterback controversy and say who the quarterback is. Just right now, we'll see where Vinny is at with his injury and we'll see what we're going to do. Anything is possible, but I'm not saying we're switching, I'm not saying that. I don't have an answer to be quite honest.

Q)Is it possible you will use both quarterbacks against San Diego?

Edwards: There are a lot of ways you can do that, and that's why I'm saying I'm not answering anything. I don't want to say anything at this point. I want to weigh my options and sit down with the coaches and talk. I didn't get to talk to them. We got in kind of late at home last night, they got in here a little later than I got in here. We will have a staff meeting later on and discuss what we'll try to do this weekend.

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