A conversation with Brooks Bollinger

Q)Do you feel better about yourself coming out of this game, compared to Baltimore?

Bollinger: I feel better. I thought the Baltimore game helped me to feel more comfortable and develop as a player a little bit. I think this week I took another step. Obviously, it's still disappointing because of a play here and there, we'd be right back in the game late and who'd know what could happen. I'm still disappointed in losing the game, but for me personally, I made another step as far as feeling more comfortable and I hope the guys took a step in feeling comfortable with me in that situation presents itself again.

Q)Would you be disappointed if you didn't start against San Diego?

Bollinger: I'm a New York Jet, and my job is to fulfill the role they give me. That doesn't mean you always like it, but if they tell me I'm going, I'm going. If they tell me I'm not, then I'll be the best number two and be ready just in case something does happen. I'm going to do my job according to what they tell me my job is for that week. That's the way it is. I'm not going to sit all week and worry about things I can't control. I have plenty to work on.

Q)How frustrated were you about not getting a chance to start following the Baltimore game?

Bollinger: It's a bit disappointing, obviously, and it was tough, but I just try to tell myself that this isn't the end of it. It wasn't a one-time deal and then you're out of there. A lot can still happen. It's still a long year. I just tried to take the positive out of it, learn from the negative, and be ready if that chance comes again.

Q)What have you improved since Baltimore?

Bollinger: I think that everything just slowed down for me. I saw things clearer, I made better decisions and we got the sticks moving. We had a tempo. I'd like that the tempo was a little quicker given in the situation we're in. We were moving the sticks. We were attacking them and staying in a rhythm as an offense. In the Baltimore game we didn't really establish that.

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