Jets make deal with New York Sportsnet

We're really very, very pleased today to announce that we've entered into a multi­year partnership with SportsNet New York.

We think this is going to be a ground­breaking arrangement for the New York Jets, and we'll finally have a television home where Jets fans know that any day of the week they can go on to SportsNet and they will find a place for their information. I think it's really important between our website and a television home to have a place that our fans call home, because we often forget that we have 70,000 people in the stadium who are clearly passionate, but we usually have 900,000 to a million fans that watch every week. We have the biggest television audience in the NFL, and those people need to have a place to go to outside of game day. The great thing about this partnership is that, being a brand new network, really everything is open for discussion. And so right out at the get­go we aim to have over 230 hours of broadcast time every year, and our intention is to try to grow, so that every year we'll try and develop two more shows. To start with of course, we'll take our Emmy award­-winning show "24/7" and "Generation Jets" and re­-air them. We'll develop a new show called "Jets Playbook" which will be an in­season show. And then we'll develop other shows as we go forward. We've been in negotiations now for at least six months. I think that what was coming through loud and clear from the folks at SportsNet New York, and Jon Litner, the partners behind SportsNet really saw a perfect fit with the Jets and we believe that, too, from the beginning.

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