A conversation with Mike Heimderdinger

Q)What was the thinking on the play calling on the last four plays of the Charger game?

Heimerdinger: We took a shot at the run. I was hoping we'd get more yards. If that would've gotten some more yards, we would have been able do more things I had in mind. No timeouts were a consideration. We thought the fade to the left side was pretty good call, "LC" got it once. We thought had pretty good matchup on the left side.

Q)What happened on the last throw to McCareins?

Heimerdinger: [Brooks] just underthrew it. We practice throwing that over the outside shoulder. You never underthrow that. Throw it up and over, and give Justin a shot. If you throw it inside, you got no chance. Justin he ran it good, Brooks just threw it inside. You can't throw a fade inside. We teach it's us or nothing. If we miss it, we should miss it out of bounds, not inside.

Q)Why didn't you have Brooks use his running ability on the last drive, and roll out on one of the plays?

Heimderdinger: Well, maybe 24 hours later (you think of that). We did that with him in Baltimore and lost three yards in a critical situation. I wasn't going have him take off and lose yards, and give us no chance, get a sack, and let the clock run out. I felt that wasn't he best situation. I'd do it three more times again, throw it in the end zone.

Q)Are you going to open things up more with Brooks in Carolina?

Heimderdinger: We opened it up a little more than Baltimore [against San Diego]. We gave him a chance for a couple home runs. We threw a good ball to Justin in the 3rd quarter, Justin just couldn't catch up with it. Going the other way. We threw a pretty good ball after the turnover. We gave him some shots at deep things that we probable didn't in Baltimore. Some things Brooks, does good, we'll try to build on it. The first thing have do is protect him.

Q)What happened on the two-point conversion?

Heimerdinger: The two point play that one wasn't on [Brooks]. It was a protection bust. He had no place else to go. He thought he would be protected off that edge.

Q)What is the deal with all the balls he gets batted down?

Heimerdinger: We got to break an old habit that he's too short on his drops. It's an old habit that we've been working on. Under fire he goes back to the old way. We are trying to get him deeper. We are trying to get him to see a couple of things he does wrong. It's not his release so much as it is the depth of his drops. I went through same thing with Bill Volek. The first time Billy went under fire, against Indianapolis, with Dwight Freeney coming off edge. He went too deep on his seven-step drop, and couldn't figure out how he could get stripped. I grabbed him, and told him this isn't 8 on 7.

Q)Is Brooks height an issue?

Heimderdinger. He's athletic. Shorter guys find passing lanes. It's just a couple things he does in the 3 step drop, that if he doesn't change they're going to get batted once a game.

Q)How does Drew Brees deal with it?

Heimderdinger: I haven't watched Drew much, but he's not a big guy. He's learned to slide and create, and that comes from playing. You feel the rush and you slide, you feel pressure and you slide. Until you do it seven games in a row, you're not going to feel that. Everybody says he played in preseason, but the preseason is the preseason. That's not Julius Peppers coming off the edge like it will be this week.

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