Is Herm thinking of leaving?

Is Herman Edwards going to be the next coach of the Kansas City Chiefs?

Could be. Rumors abound in the NFL, that Edwards, a former Kansas City assistant, might be interested in the Chiefs head coaching position, if Dick Vermeil retires after the season.

Edwards and his wife Lia, love Kansas City. They actually met when Edwards was working for the Chiefs in the mid-90's.

Vermeil, 69, is likely going to retire after this season, and will probably push for Edwards to be his successor. The two are very close. Edwards played for Vermeil with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Current Chiefs offensive coordinator Al Saunders was thought to be the heir apparent in Kansas City, but now it looks like he could land the St. Louis Rams opening after the season. According to an NFL source, Saunders has already met with Rams President John Shaw about the position. Rams coach Mike Martz, who is currently on a medical leave, will likely be coaching elsewhere next year. Martz and Shaw don't get along.

Edwards seems to be tiring of New York. He actually snapped at New York Daily News reporter Rich Cimini during Monday's press briefing when asked about the team running the clock out at the end of blowout loss to Carolina.

He called a question, that was more than fair, "ridiculous."

Another reason the Chief job would be attractive to Edwards is that the team has a much better cap situation next season. The Chiefs are going to be as much as $30 million under the salary cap next off-season, and the Jets will be about $20 million over.

It's also possible that Jets GM Terry Bradway, another former Chiefs employee, could follow Edwards to Kansas City. Chiefs GM Carl Peterson is a leading candidate for a position with the new Los Angeles franchise that will be added in the next couple of years, and Bradway, who loved his time in Kansas City, would be a leading candidate to replace Peterson. Peterson is from Los Angeles.

So don't be shocked if Bradway and Edwards take their act to Arrowhead in the future.

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