Herm Edwards post game

Edwards on why he didn't play Kliff Kingsbury more - "We wanted to score a touchdown."

Opening statement: We turned the ball over too many times, and you can't do that in the National Football League. We're struggling on offense, and it's very difficult to win in this league if you can't score. They wore us down running the football. They kept the ball in their possession in the first half for 24 minutes, and we only had it six [minutes]. We knew going into this game that we wouldn't have a lot of possessions because of the way they run the ball. For the most part it's the turnovers that get you, and when you can't score any points it's very, very difficult to win.

Q)How do you guys overcome this one?

Edwards: We'll keep going and we'll keep practicing. One thing we haven't done around here since I've been here, is pointing fingers. We won't do that. It's not our character, and it's not what we're about. Eventually, things will turn around.

Q)What is the latest on the quarterback situation?

Edwards: Brooks [Bollinger] had a concussion, so we couldn't bring him back. We'll see where he's at next week. [QB] Vinny [Testaverde] went down with an ankle injury. I don't know where he's going to be. If we had to play tomorrow, [QB Kliff] Kingsbury would be our starting quarterback. We'll just have to see as the week goes on.

Q)Why did you play Kingsbury earlier in the game?

Edwards: I wanted to score a touchdown. You hate to be shut-out. We wanted to put some points on the board, and I needed to give Vinny a look, too. Kingsbury will get a lot of snaps this week, and we'll see what happens.

Q)What did you think of the team's effort?

Edwards: I can't ask for more than what they have. They're giving everything that they have at this point. We were able to move the ball offensively and get in some spots where we were in some positions to score and we turned it over.

Q)Do you think the Broncos going for it on fourth down a few times spoke volumes about what they thought of your offense?

Edwards: I think they know that our offense can't score a lot of points. If they do score it puts the game way out of reach and it puts us in a mode of having to throw. If they don't score it puts us in a position to have to drive a long way and they already had a 17 point lead.

Q)What were your thoughts about the last play of the first half?

Edwards: I knew they could try and put the nail in the coffin right there. I said if we hold them there it would be great because it would give us a little momentum [going into half-time]. We did get some momentum. Our defense went out in the third quarter and stopped them, and then the offense got the ball and moved it down the field, and turned it over. If you score any points in that situation, you have life, but we didn't do that.

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