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According to a couple of NFL sources, the team was shopping Shaun Ellis for
a second-round pick before the draft.
The Jets were prepared to pick Nebraska linebacker Kevin Bentley in the
fourth round, but the Browns beat them to it. This is the second year in a
row the Browns took a player in the fourth round that the Jets were prepared
to select. Last year it was safety Anthony Henry, who went on to pick off 10
passes as a rookie...
Don¹t let Jumbo Elliott¹s age (37) fool you, the guy is in tremendous shape,
and can still play on a high level. He reported to the mini-camp with 11
percent body fat, the lowest of his career. Elliott is a workout warrior,
and couldn't be in much better condition...

Jets special teams coach Mike Westhoff was ecstatic when the team signed
Matt Turk. He considers Turk the best punter in football. The
straight-shooting Westhoff recently called the Jets' punting last year
"terrible." Westhoff wasn't a big fan of the punting of Tom Tupa. He likes better
hang-time than Tupa provides.

Minicamp diary
Sunday, April 29
The players will be off for the next week and Edwards reminds them to stay
out of trouble. He makes his point by putting up a list on a big screen in
the meeting room of NFL players who got in trouble with the law this
One of the standouts of the mini-camp has been linebacker Jason Glenn. He's
bigger, stronger and faster than last year. He definitely has starting
potential and will provide the Jets quality depth at outside linebacker...
As you know, Moss was held out of most of the mini-camp because of his quad
injury. If the Jets had to play a regular season game now, he could go, but
they felt it just wasn¹t smart to risk this potential weapon in a mini-camp.
He's still not running full speed.
"His three-quarters speed is faster than a lot of people,"Edwards points
out about the amazingly fast Moss.
Other players held out for precautionary reasons are Chrebet (shoulder),
Swayne (ankle), Sam Cowart (Achilles), Beasley (shoulder) and obviously
Testaverde (foot).
"Last time I checked, you don't win games in April," Edwards said.

Jets Notebook

Wayne¹s world ahead
Wayne Chrebet, Gang Green¹s folk-hero wide receiver, is entering the final
year of his contract. And while he and the Jets acknowledge they¹d like
their relationship to last forever, both know there¹s a chance that in the
NFL of the new millennium, that may not be possible.
"My first choice is to stay here my whole career," Chrebet said during the
recently concluded mini-camp. "I live in New Jersey, I'd like to stay close
to home, I'd like to be here. For now, I plan on being with this team 'til
they kick me out."

But then Chrebet expanded on the "for now" part. He said the Jets have not
talked to his agent, Art Weiss, about an extension and that if they wait too
long, "that might hurt them."

"If I go out and have a career year, you know how that goes with free
agency. If other people appreciate my play in the league, what are you going
to do?" he said. "I wouldn¹t want to think about it during the season. I'd
never want to take any attention from the Jets. I would hope we could get it
done before the season, but if we can¹t, we¹ll see what happens."

Herman Edwards repeated the Jets' stance that after this mini-camp they will
begin discussing the situations of "four or five" veterans coming to the
ends of their contracts, such as center Kevin Mawae, guard Randy Thomas,
fullback Richie Anderson and kicker John Hall. And he reiterated the Jets'
undying, almost unqualified, love for Chrebet.
"We want Wayne to be here, and we¹re going to try to do everything to keep
him here," Edwards said. "When we start negotiating it, we start negotiating
it. There's no timeline on it. I expect it'll get done. It might not happen,
but I'm not worried about it. I'm worried about practice at 3 o'clock, not
about guys who are under contract and aren't under contract."
If Chrebet has that career year -- say, 85 catches for 1,100 yards and 10
touchdowns -- the Jets may not be able to afford him. It isn't known whether
they would consider signing him to a deal with a signing bonus as high as
the $5.5 million Kansas City recently gave Johnnie Morton or the $5 million
Detroit gave Az Hakim.
But those numbers aren't likely if Year Two in coordinator Paul Hackett's
offense is anything like Year One, which Chrebet said for him was a

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