A conversation with Oliver Celestin

Q)What was it like to have Thanksgiving with your family after all that happened with Hurricane Katrina?

Celestin: It's funny because I haven't really sat down and had a Thanksgiving dinner such as this. It's been awhile. In college, I would try to stay in school because that was my time to work out when the season was over. I was always trying to prepare, heal my body, get ready for the next season and basically finish up my school work, so this is a good opportunity to spend time with my family. Like I said, I haven't really had a Thanksgiving dinner or just sat down with them in maybe a few years. I didn't do it last year; I just came out to New York.

Q)Where is your family living?

Celestin: We're out at Point Lookout a couple blocks from the beach. Even though it's this time of year, we enjoyed it a little when we moved to that area. Now we're just enjoying the holidays.

Q)Does your family come to the home games?

Celestin: My dad has been to a couple of them, but my mom isn't really a big football fan. My dad, nephews and brother-in-law are the football fans. They'll be at the game week in and week out.

Q)What is it like having a bunch of Saints fans around the house this week?

Celestin: I have an uncle that's still running around saying "who dat." I have a cousin that's calling claiming he's coming to the game, I don't know if he made in yet, but basically I told him that I wasn't buying his ticket. He's not going to come to the game and root for me and the Saints. Either he's with me and the Jets all the way or I can't support him.

Q)What are your emotions playing your hometown Saints?

Celestin: I think at some point there will be some type of emotion. If anything I can probably relate to them. Just by watching them on film, they seem like they haven't lost a stride. I wouldn't have noticed they moved to a new area. Their offense is still clicking, they're doing productive things. Basically, on film you couldn't tell unless you read the paper and understand the situation.

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