A post-game conversation with Bollinger

Q)What are your thoughts on coming up short?

Bollinger: It's just disappointing. When you're a team in a situation like that, you just want to win so badly and obviously every game I've started, we haven't won one so I wanted to go and help us win a game. To come up that short again is tough. That's what makes winning so great.

Q)The bootlegs and rollouts seem to work against the Saints?

Bollinger: I think it's a credit to the way we've been running the ball. We were able to do some play action stuff and it worked well for us.

Q)What happened on the fumbled snap?

Bollinger: I should have got it. My momentum was kind of not under me and I should have at least fielded it and been able to get it off. It all happened pretty fast.

Q)What can you tell us about the touchdown to McCareins?

Bollinger: It was fun. It was fun to throw. It was a great job by him; staying with me and working across the field. He made a good catch.

Q)Jerricho Cotchery stepped up tonight?

Bollinger: Jerricho is a great football player. He's smart and is a really good player for this team and will be in this league for a long time. He's getting his chance and doing good things and something that we've seen for a long time. He's just a good player.

Q)What happened on the intentional grounding penalty on the last drive?

Bollinger: It was a miscommunication. I don't know the rules to get into that part of it. I thought he was going towards where I threw it. You know, he didn't. We just weren't on the same page and obviously pressure was coming. I was trying to get rid of it, but just to the wrong place obviously.

Q)Was there a certain yard line you guys wanted to get the ball on the last drive to give Nugent a chance to win it?

Bollinger: You know, about the 30, right in there. It left his foot and I thought it was good. He had a good kick and did a great job tonight. Obviously put a lot through.

Q)What can you build on from the Saints game?

Bollinger: I left some plays on the field. That's going to go through my head tonight. There are some better decisions that I could have made, and then you don't have to be in a situation like we were. That's the goal. But right now, it's just hard trying to deal with losing. Tonight, let this sink in and then tomorrow see what I need to do better.

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