Keyshawn chimes in on Pennington

Keyshawn Johnson gave his take on the Jets on the Yes Network this week:

Bob Lorenz - Yes host: With the Jets' woes this season, it looks like they might be getting a top draft pick this year. Being a USC alum, give us a scouting report on quarterback Matt Leinart and running back Reggie Bush and, if you had the pick, who would you choose?

Johnson: Now, I am going to sound like a general manager, and I think I can run a football team or put one together. I think if you look at the quarterback position, I really don't know what the Jets are going through with Chad Pennington, but if he is injured and can't come back you probably want to look at Matt Leinart depending on what the head coach's future is, if Chad Pennington is coming back. The New York Jets have not had a guy who is a 'snap, crackle, pop' guy since I left that area to be able to carry a football team, then you want to go after Reggie Bush who can beat you all sorts of ways on the football field, and at the same time the quarterback position is a very important position, but I think Chad Pennington has had a couple of years to prove he can stay healthy and win some football games and he has yet to do that. I am sorry Chad, he has yet to do that, to show he can win games and stay healthy and that is a concern of mine if I am a GM.

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