Pete Kendall Q-and-A

Q)This has to be a big game for Ty Law?

Kendall: If I had been to four or five Pro-Bowls and had been a part of winning three Super Bowls, and was one of the corner stones of that team, so it wouldn't surprise me if someone in that situation really felt like, "I get hurt and this is the thanks I get." I think that it was the last year of a real big contract with a number that probably both sides were a little artificial when they signed it. I guess a business decision was made. In general terms, you always want to go back and play well against the team that you left whether it is that you stay in close contact with those guys and you want to have something to hold over their head, or whether it is a little more stifled than that. I just think that anytime you go back and play a former employer, it's a big game.

Q)What are your thoughts on last week's offensive performance?

Kendall: We were better offensively last week. There aren't any two ways about that. I'm not going to stand here and say that was the worst we played as an offense; we showed some signs of improvement. We didn't turn the ball over; I think we had five drives that ended with points and a sixth one that is still a bit of a head scratcher that maybe should've ended with points. That's not how we've operated this year and that's a positive thing.

Q)What differences have you seen in Brooks Bollinger since the Baltimore game?

Kendall: Well he was standing a lot more. We were able to keep him up a little bit better; we were able to run the ball a little bit better. The difference from Baltimore and that game in particular, is that when you compare the two games, Brooks wasn't just asked to manage the game. [Against New Orleans] he took some chances down the field. He threw some really nice passes down the field. It was a night and day difference.

Q)How much it would mean to get Curtis Martin 1,000 yards rushing?

Kendall: The rushing title was worth luggage (for the offensive linemen). For him to be the only guy to do that, or to have been able to be a part of him being the oldest guy to win a rushing title one year and the next year becomes the first player to rush for 1,000 yards in 11-straight years, would be something that I would look back at with some pride.

Q)How hard has it been for you guys to run the ball with the offensive line problems?

Kendall: It's certainly been harder this year. Ordinarily, 1,000 yards is not a big deal. It just means that you've been healthy enough to carry the ball. You really only have to average about 65 or 68-yards per game, but given the adversity that we've had to go through and the fact that [Curtis Martin] has done it 10 times prior, it would make this mark special if we could get this for him.

Q)How bad do you guys need a win?

Kendall: We need a win. Our confidence level, it's probably not at an all-time high but I think the guys have taken the right approach in being realistic. We have made some strides however small they may be to the outside. We have a chance to play better if we can stay healthy and keep the same group in.

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