Herm snaps at reporters

The Jets 2-10 record might be getting to their coach Herman Edwards.

Q)He was asked the following harmless question, and "went off" in his response.

Q)With Curtis Martin being close to reaching the 1,000 yard mark, do you address the team about it?

Edwards: No, I think they know. Everyone knows. You got him sitting there; you'd like to get him a thousand yards. Everybody knows that. We're trying to do that. Then the question will be when you're playing a game, you're down by, I don't know, 14 points, we run the ball.

Everybody will say we aren't trying to win the game. That will be the next question I'll have to answer. "Is it more important for Curtis Martin to get a thousand yards or for you to win the game? Why aren't you throwing? Why did you give it to Curtis?" If I'm throwing the ball, trying to win the game, getting sacks, getting picks, (you'll ask) "Why didn't you get the ball to Curtis Martin?"

I see it all coming. That's okay. I understand that. I understand that. It's okay. That's part of the deal, part of being the head coach. You are going to get questions. That's okay. I'll answer them. But I'll answer them truthfully and honestly the best way I can. That's what I'm going to do. I'm not going to change.

I get questioned for third­-and-­five, running the draw, trying to tie the game up before the half. "Why didn't you throw?" The Patriots had a third­-and­-four on the 27 yard line, they ran a draw, missed a field goal. No one questioned them. But I get questioned because we lost. I understand that. That's part of it.

I'll answer the question the best way I can, truthfully, what I'm trying to do to help the football team. I'm going to answer all those questions between now until the end of the season. I understand that. That's okay. It's part of the process of being the head coach. But that's okay. But the same scenario, they're on the 27 yard line, they missed a 42­yard field goal. How about that?

Press conference over.

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