Fiedler's season over - will have surgery

The Jets had hoped the backup quarterback Jay Fiedler would be able to play again this year without shoulder surgery. But their best laid plans didn't work out.

"He's been trying to come back, but he just doesn't have the strength to let it go," said Jets coach Herman Edwards. "He's not firing [on all cylinders]. It's the prudent thing to do for him, so that he can get healed up."

What type of surgery is it going to be?

"It might be a little scope," said Edwards.

How disappointed is Edwards, who hardly got to see Fiedler play this season?

"We wanted to secure the QB position, make sure that if something would happen to somebody we would have a backup," said Edwards. "We thought we did a good job of getting him here, he was excited about being here, we were excited about having him here. It didn't work out. One of those things. A lot of things didn't work out.

Fiedler's future with the Jets is uncertain because he's owed a big bonus this off-season. He would obviously have to re-negotiate if he wants to stay. But you have to wonder if the Jets want to enter 2005 training camp with two quarterbacks (Fiedler and Chad Pennington), who are both coming off major shoulder surgery.

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