Q-and-A with John Abraham

Q)Your thoughts on the team's defensive domination against Oakland?

Abraham: Honestly, I have to credit the offense for that. They did a good job of controlling the ball and keeping us with the lead. We were able to tee off and go after the quarterback. I think we always had a good pass rush team. We just didn't have the opportunity to show it. We had the opportunity today, and we showed it.

Q)Tell us about your sacks and forced fumbles?

Abraham: I have to give credit two good play calls by Donnie Henderson. I got lucky the second time. The first time I felt like I was going to get it. The second time I kind of felt like I fell into it. Anything to help the team.

Q)What is the mindset of the team playing without Curtis Martin?

Abraham: Personally, it is tough. Whenever I look on offense for one guy to keep me going and keep me feeling like it is worth playing, it's Curtis. He came out ever week and played his heart out knowing that he is going to be playing the rest of the year hurt. I kind of found out earlier this week, it still kind of shook me, but didn't hit home until I saw him on the sideline in regular clothes. This is the first Sunday I have seen him not playing.

Q)What are your thoughts on your performance overall against Oakland?

Abraham: We had a lead, I was able to freelance a little more. You didn't have to worry about the run as much. I'm not sure how many yards they had rushing, but I know they didn't have more than 100 yards. When a team like that is forced to pass, to me it's like a field day, time to get my money.

Q)What was it like playing against Lamont Jordan?

Abraham: We had a hell of a week of practice. Everybody came ready to play. We talked all week about not giving LaMont too much, not because he was our teammate, but because he is an explosive back. You give him 5 yards and he can take it to the house. The thing was not to give him big runs. I think we did a good job of containing him today. LaMont is a tough back and it's kind of hard to stop him. For us, two or three people have to hit him, not just one because he's a load to take down.

Q)What are your thoughts on the team's effort against Oakland?

Abraham: Being 2-10 is unusual. A lot of times people think being 2-10, people think it's time to separate. Nobody is worried about the offseason, we're trying to win these last three games.

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