A conversation with Mike Heimderdinger

Q)Are you excited about the offensive finally breaking out last week?

Heimderdinger: Hell, I'm just excited when we don't fumble the quarterback/center exchange twice a game. It was good to see those guys do what they're supposed to do. It still isn't perfect, but we did some good things. I think Brooks (Bollinger) has gotten better every week. Brooks did some good things; he made some plays with his feet. I was shocked when I learned that he broke Jets' record. I was used to Steve (McNair) getting 56 yards on two runs. I thought he played well. Cedric (Houston) did some good things, did some rookie things, but he ran hard. He hit it and he ran hard.

Q)What are your thoughts on Brooks breaking the franchise record for rushing yards by a quarterback in a game?

Heimerdinger: When Jeremy (Bates) told me that we set a franchise record I said, "What?" I said, "What did we have, like 40?" He said, "No, it was 56." I said, "Oh my God."

Q)What are your thoughts on all the scrambling Brooks does?

Heimerdinger: Anytime a quarterback can make plays with his feet, [it's good]. He picked up two third downs and got us in the red-zone and made somebody miss. Anytime you see different coverages, people play you a little different and you stand back there and you're a deer, then people are going to come tee-off on you. People got to stay in their lanes when they're rushing, but there are a lot of things you can do when you have that mobility.

Q)How hard is the decision making process for a young quarterback?

Heimerdinger: The hardest thing, for me, for a third-team QB, is to learn how to make the clock go off in his head. They're used to 7-7 and never getting hit in practice, they never get a game situation. The thing that I always worry about when it's the third guy taking over is him knowing that I can get hit, I can't stand back there forever, and there is a rush coming now that can hit me. He's learned that week by week and he's done a better job with it.

Q)Will it be good to see what you have in Cedric Houston and B.J. Askew in the last three games?

Heimderdinger: I think you have to work them both. They're both going to have a chance to run because that's why we got them. What I wasn't sure of with Ced (Cedric Houston) was can you hand it to him 20 times in a game because we've never seen him do that but we know we can do that now. B.J. Askew would be a good guy to spell him; you're going to see them both. I thought Ced did well, and I don't think it has to be 50/50. We know B.J. Askew spell him now, it's something he does.

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