Edwards feels Jets owe it to Vinny to play

Jets coach Herman Edwards think he owes it to Vinny Testaverde to let him play in one of the last two games. "Whether he gets in this week or next week, he is going to get into the ball game, I know that," said Edwards. "I owe him that.

"I owe him that, his career and what he did for us this year coming back. The guy was retired and came back to try to help us win. He won a game for us his first time out. That says a lot about him and what he has done for this organization. Ever since I've been here, he has left and came back. He wanted to retire as a Jets and he is going to get to retire as a Jet now. I think it is fitting for him to play a little bit and I am going to try to get that done for him. He understands too, if it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen, but I just think it is the right thing to do."

Wasn't he paid to play this year? Why is Edwards making him into a martyr?

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