Website Whispers - Deep Jet strikes again

The leaks continue out of Weeb Eubank Hall, and the latest one is shocking.

A source known as "Deep Jet", told the New York Post on Tuesday, that Brooks Bollinger coming off a 327 yard, two touchdown performance in Miami, will not be considered for the Jets #2 job next year. We aren't talking about the starting job, but the backup position.

This stance by "Deep Jet", who has been leaking information to the media all season, is somewhat mind-boggling.

Jets fans can only hope "Deep Jet", who we hear is a very high-ranking figure in the organization, isn't making too many of the personnel decision at Hofstra, because if he is, the team could be in a lot of trouble. To tell the New York Post that Bollinger isn't capable of being a #2 after his performances against Miami, New Orleans, Oakland and Atlanta, "Deep Jet" clearly has an agenda against quarterback.

What could that agenda stem from? Well it's possible that since the Jets clearly made a huge mistake by benching Bollinger and playing immobile Vinny Testaverde for four games, that "Deep Jet" is covering their derrieres. If Bollinger's accomplishments are minimized, then it takes the attention away from the decision to sign Testavarde.<-p> Some reporters, who are support Deep Jets position on Bollinger, point to the quarterback's 1-6 record as a starter this year. That is clearly short-sided. There hasn't been one game that Bollinger has been given good protection from the Jets patchwork offensive line. Not one.

"We aren't exactly the Seven Blocks of Granite," admitted the always candid Pete Kendall, the Jets current starting center.

Bollinger has kept the Jets offensive competitive with his great scrambling ability, and good decision making. The Jets offensive failed under Testaverde (0 TD's, 6 interceptions in 2005), mainly because the line is struggling and the 42-year-old quarterback is devoid of mobility.

Bollinger took an awful beating in Miami, getting sacked six times, and getting hit on many other occasions. He had welts on his body in the post-game locker room. He also had an electo-stim device hooked up to his back. But even with all the pressure the Dolphins put on him, Bollinger still managed to put up big numbers. Dolphin defenders came away awfully impressed.

"That guy there was unbelievable," said former Jets linebacker Jason Glenn, now with the Dolphins. "The guy has grown up and matured so much. He's making the right checks, and he's turned a really good scrambler. The guy came in and made some plays today. Opportunity knocked and he opened the door."

But "Deep Jet" refuses to give him the credit he deserves. Bollinger might be best suited to get out of Hempstead. If "Deep Jet" thinks Bollinger isn't good enough to be a #2 after what the signal-caller accomplished this year, this Jet official doesn't seem qualified to evaluate personnel. If Bollinger can get out of Hempstead, plenty of teams would love to have him as a backup. We hear New England and Denver are very high on him.

And it's time for Woody Johnson to tell "Deep Jet" to pipe down. If Bill Parcells was running the Jets organization, "Deep Jet" would likely be fired. Remember Parcells fired somebody from the personnel department back in the late 1990's for leaking information to the media.

It's time for Johnson to crack down on "Deep Jet" . . .

This week is going to be a huge challenge for the Jets offensive line. They struggle mightily against teams that use a lot of stunts and blitzes up front. That is what Miami did last week, and what New England loves doing. The Jets offensive line, with so many personnel changes this year, has trouble communicating on blitzes, and if they don't get their act together this week, Bollinger could take another awful beating.

Jets coach Herman Edwards, for some reason, thinks that he owes it to Testaverde to let him play one more time this season. It's hard to imagine that this will happen against the Patriots and their terrific pass rush . . .

Even though the Jets list wide receiver Harry Williams as questionable this week, don't expect to see the rookie play in the last two games. His surgical knee is still bothering him . . .

Patriots coach Bill Belichick has been awfully impressed with the Jets offensive performances the last two weeks.

"They went up there against Oakland and that's a pretty good defensive line; we know those guys, [Bobby] Hamilton, Tommy Kelly, Ted Washington and they ran the ball for 184 yards," said Belichick. "And then last week [they] had over 400 yards in Miami -- most of it throwing, but they also ran the ball well there, too. So I think offensively this is a team that has made some significant strides in the last couple of weeks." . . .

The Patriots are on their seventh strong safety, and he's a cornerback, Artrell Hawkins, who has been with the team three weeks. Since free safety Eugene Wilson, was a cornerback in college, the Patriots are basically are playing without a pure safety.

"Yeah, it's almost like playing with four corners," said Belichick . . .

It shouldn't come as a surprise that Brooks Bollinger and Jolley have good chemistry on the field since they are roommates on the road . . .

Ty Law's seven interceptions this year are particularly impressive when you consider who little teams throw to his side.

"Interceptions are so hard to come by in this League," said Law. "When you look at the interceptions and the opportunities that you get, I'm not one of those guys that get thrown at 10 and 11 times a game and come home with picks. Mine are few and far between, so when I get out of a season with six or seven interceptions, I've gotten some good ones. Most other guys get more opportunities then I get, so I think throughout my career I have averaged about three or four. Most of your better CB do that because they don't get that many opportunities. You don't see as many people throwing at me or Deion Sanders or Champ Bailey. That's only smart as on offense."

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