Lange blasts Deep Jet

A high-ranking Jet source, known as "Deep Jet" told the New York Post this week that Brooks Bollinger won't be considered for the #2 quarterback job next year. This didn't sit well with Jets beat writer Randy Lange.

"Like any team, the Jets have sources who talk anonymously," Lange told the Patriots Insider website. "This season, one or more team officials or other team sources have been particularly chirpy for some reporters to clarify situations surrounding injuries or the QB depth chart. The problem most recently was that Deep Jet said Brooks Bollinger wouldn't be considered as the No. 2 QB for the Jets next year. This would seem to be an inappropriate comment for any team official to make considering Bollinger is playing his butt off, trying to rally his offense and his team to wins in their final two games, and just won the Dennis Byrd Award by vote of his teammates as the season's most inspirational player. Make that comment in the off-season, not now."

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