Edwards threatens reporters

Herman Edwards isn't happy with a television reporter who thinks was making fun of the Jets. On Monday, the coach talked about revenge.

"It's one thing to go through a season like this, it's another thing to go through a season when people are kicking you and making fun of you because it's not funny, it hurts. It hurts everyone in this organization, it hurts every player and it hurts every coach. Sometimes I think we forget about that because there is a human side to this, too. I know we're coaches and we're players, and you think you can make remarks and you can make smart comments, and there's been some that's done it, and I know who they are, too, that's what's good about it. Like I always tell you, I always keep that little lefthand drawer of mine with notes in there. I've got the names and I remember. For all those that didn't kick us, I appreciate that. For all those that did, your day's coming. What goes around, comes around, so just remember that."

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