Chiefs update - Haggling over picks continues

As far as the Chiefs are concerned, Herman Edwards is no longer the Jets coach.

So they are playing hard-ball in the negotiations.

In the mind of Chiefs President Carl Peterson, why should he give up premium draft picks, for a coach who essentially has been fired?

According to a league source, the Chiefs are willing to give up fifth and sixth round picks, and the Jets want third and fourth round selections.

There is also an issue about the year or year's of the draft picks.

From what we hear, the Peterson doesn't want to give up picks from 2006, since he already traded his second round selection to Miami for cornerback Patrick Surtain.

If this continues to linger, there is a chance the league office will step in. They don't want this situation taking away from this weekend's playoff games.

Edwards did tell his coaches, in a Thursday morning meeting, that he's likely leaving. As per usual, he portrayed himself as the victim.

"In the coaches' meeting, Edwards painted himself as the victim, saying he felt alienated by management, according to one staff member," writes Rich Cimini in the New York Daily News. "The reason for the divorce depends on whose side you believe. People close to Edwards said he feels underpaid and underappreciated, and that he was annoyed the club made no effort after the season to address his concerns. He told coaching friends in recent weeks that he was miserable in New York."

And a lot of Jets fans are miserable with him as their coach.

The Jets have yet to interview candidates to replace Edwards. They can't do that since Edwards is still legally their coach. It would also hurt their bargaining position with the Chiefs.

But one thing has become clear - defensive coordinator Donnie Henderson isn't likely to get the job. Henderson has issues with the press. He got into a dispute with a reporter on Thursday, and said he's not talking to the media anymore.

One possible candidate is New England defensive coordinator Eric Mangini.

Edwards agent has been no help to reporters attempting to cover this story. He has actually hung up on a few of the them. You wouldn't think the deeply-religious Edwards would want his agent behaving that way.

There is a good chance that the Edwards situation gets resolved on Friday.

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