Bradway upset with leaks

Throughout Herman Edwards tenure as Jets coach, there were a lot of media leaks. Jets GM Terry Bradway said he's going to put at end to it.

"It was disappointing," said Bradway. "To a degree it really bothers me, and I'll do everything I can to stop those leaks from coming out of the building. I remember when Herm first got here, his whole big thing was, if you've got something to say, put your name on it. In some of the stuff that Ron has told me about, and actually my wife has told me about, there's a lot of sources, unnamed sources, unnamed general managers, unnamed Jet officials. I know you've got to do that and I know it makes for a good story, but it's a shame that if somebody wants to do that, that they do it without putting their name on it. I feel in a way a little bit betrayed by sources in the building.

"I will do everything I can to prevent that from happening. And I think that's one of the things going forward, whether I've got to set up some sting operations or something, I'll get 'em, because it's really not fair to the organization. It's not fair to Woody.

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