Tyson vs. Lewis: Jets players weigh in

Center Kevin Mawae: "I think Mike Tyson will win, although I don't want to see him win it."

Players weigh in on who will win the June 8th fight between

Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis:


Quarterback Vinny Testaverde:  Lennox Lewis

Tight End Anthony Becht:  Lennox Lewis

Cornerback Ray Mickens:  Mike Tyson

Cornerback Jamie Henderson:  Mike Tyson

Safety Nick Ferguson:  Mike Tyson

Defensive End Steve White:  Mike Tyson

Fullback Richie Anderson:  Lennox Lewis

Fullback Jerald Sowell:   Lennox Lewis

Wide Receiver Santana Moss:  Lennox Lewis

Right Tackle Jason Fabini:  Mike Tyson

Pro Bowl Defensive End John Abraham:  Lennox Lewis

Quarterback Tory Woodbury:  Mike Tyson

Defensive End Shaun Ellis:   Mike Tyson

Defensive Tackle James "Tank" Reed:   Mike Tyson

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