Jets respond to cheap shot

Jets respond to tabloid criticism.

"Eric Mangini just turned 35," wrote Gary Myers in the New York Daily News. "His offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer turned 32 in October. What are the Jets doing? Running a day care center for coaches? Experience counts. How are these guys going to command the respect of veteran players? If the Jets didn't hire Mangini, they were set to go with Mike Tice. It has to be reassuring to Jets fans that with 10 openings this year, they were the only team to interview either Mangini or Tice. Such out-of-the-box thinking is why the Jets have won so many Super Bowls."

"We hired the coach we wanted most and that's a good thing," said a Jets source. "And we have a lot of experience on our staff, (Mike) Westhoff, (Bob) Sutton, (Denny) Marcin to name a few. Look how many first-year head coaches were hired this offseason. Coach Mangini's background and contributions to Super Bowl winning teams are excellent criteria to give him this opportunity. Criticize, criticize, it's their business."

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