A conversation with former GM Terry Bradway

Q)When did the possibility of this change come about?

Bradway: I've had conversations with Jay (Cross), casual conversations throughout the year. I wasn't sure what a time frame might be, but I would think that yesterday was as good as any. I think it's important that Eric get off to a good start with the right people in place.

The fact that, like I said, Mike (Tannenbaum) is very deserving of this opportunity, I think the fact that he has a good relationship with Eric (Mangini) will be a plus to the Jets, and I know those guys will work tirelessly to get this thing done.

Q)What led to you taking on more of a scouting role?

Bradway: I think it was mutual. You know, it was mentioned on a number of occasions that I really kind of missed the scouting part of it. Now I get a chance to do that. I'm excited about that, I really am. I think I can help this team in that area.

Q)Your family lives in Atlantic City. How much of a factor was that in your decision?

Bradway: That's a tough thing. It didn't affect my job at all in terms of what I did. I was fortunate enough when I was out to have a guy like Mike that was here.

Q)Was there a power struggle between you and Mike Tannenbaum?

Bradway: It's never been a power struggle. You guys have known me. I'm not going to be one to sit there and try to react to every little story that's out there. Eric has been great. He's worked his butt off since he's gotten here. He is definitely the right guy for this job. There was never any type of power struggle.

Q)How would you describe your relationship with Mike?

Bradway: My wife Kathy called Michelle (Tannenbaum) last night. We've got that kind of relationship. Like he said, he's been like a brother to me, and I want to do anything I can to help him be successful.

Q)What are your thoughts on being the former GM now?

Bradway: To say that I'm not the GM anymore, it doesn't bother me because I never pretended to be something that I wasn't anyway. I don't know if that makes any sense or not.

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