Abraham's agents respond to franchise tag

John Abraham's agents' Rich Rosa and Tony Agnone discussed the team putting the franchise tag on the defensive end. They also gave an update on clients Jason Fabini and Jerald Sowell.

Is Abraham angry at the Jets for putting the franchise tag on him for the second straight year?

"We need to address this John being upset with the franchise tag," said Rosa. "John understands this is a business. This isn't a money issue. It's a committment issue. He's a three-time Pro Bowler, and he merits a long-term contract."

"He's disappointed that there isn't a long-term deal," said Agnone. "The field isn't level like other players who become free agents on March 3. Nobody likes to be franchised. You want the same rights as anyone else."

The Abraham camp feels the Jets might have misled Abraham last summer.

"(Former Jets GM) Terry (Bradway) said if John played 16 games, he would be given a long-term contract," said Rosa. "That hasn't happened."

Did the Jets lie to Abraham?

"That is too strong," said Agnone. "We understand that they have a right to franchise him. Terry isn't there anymore technically. Mike (Tannenbaum) is the GM, and Mike has to do what Mike has to do."

Does Abraham want to be traded?

"John wants a long-term deal," said Agnone. "If [a trade] leads to a long-term deal, that is an option we will explore. We will have an opportunity to talk to other clubs once the tag is in place."

"They are going to explore their options as well," said Rosa. "If you can get something for someone and it benefits your team, you explore those options."

The Jets aren't currently discussing a long-term deal with Abraham.

"If [a long-term deal] comes to fruition, it will come at a later time," said Agnone. "All players want long-term deals. Teams can put franchise tags on players over and over again. It's not something we are happy about."

Two other clients of Agnone and Rosa will not be with the team in 2006. Sowell and Fabini will be playing elsewhere next year.

"We have heard from the Jets that Jerald and Jason will be released in the coming days," said Rosa. "They will be cap victims and will not be with the Jets."

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