A conversation with UVA tackle D'Brickashaw

Indianapolis - Q)What were your height and weight when you checked in?

Ferguson: I was 6-6, 312.

Q)Can you tell us the history behind your first name?

Ferguson: D'Brickashaw comes from the movie – "The Thornbirds." It was a miniseries in 1983 with Richard Chamberlain. It dealt with a priest and some of the issues he had with his religious relationship as well as his love relationship. The whole miniseries dealt with the interplay between the two. It was my dad's favorite movie.

Q)So where did the name come from?

Ferguson: It was Cardinal D'Brickasaw, and my name was changed slightly to D'Brickashaw.

Q)Talk about yourself as a prospect?

Ferguson: I had great coaching at Virginia from Ron Prince and Al Groh. I'm technique oriented and always work on my fundamentals. I just try to work my hardest and do the things that come natural.

Q)You are a very poised, articulate man in this setting. What are you like on the field?

Ferguson: I'm a beast. I see myself as a bodyguard. I feel I'm personally responsible for the health and welfare of my quarterback, and I will do anything in my means to protect him.

Q)What do you need to improve on?

Ferguson: When I analyze my game, I see flaws in many different areas. I want to improve on my fundamentals whether it be in passing or run blocking, against the bull rush, against inside moves. My overall game can definitely use improvement.

Q)You put on 30 pounds between your sophomore and junior year. How did you do it?

Ferguson: Ensure (he laughs). I tried to pay more attention to the things I was consuming.

Q)What did you weigh before the gain, and why did you think you needed to bulk up?

Ferguson: I was 250-260. At 260 pounds, you really aren't able to exert yourself on defenders as you could at 290 pounds. I feel I had an advantage at the added weight and size and I don't think it effected my mobility negatively.

Q)Are there any players you patterned your game after growing up?

Ferguson: Definitely – Lomas Brown. He is a long and skinny individual like myself. I try to emulate some of the things he does.

Q)Why aren't you working out at the combine?

Ferguson: My Pro Day is March 21. I wanted to give myself the best opportunity to be prepared. I wanted to put in the time to be able to put forth my best effort – whether it's working out or running. I'm working out currently in Orlando with Tom Shaw. I'm making good progress, and I don't want to shortchange myself. I won't do anything here. I will do everything at my Pro Day.

Q)Is playing in New York something you would want to do?

Ferguson: Definitely. Going back home is something every kid dreams of.

Q)Have you grown since the Senior Bowl where you measured in at 6-5 and change?

Ferguson: When I weighed in at the Senior Bowl, I was 6-5 ½, and when I was measured today I was 6-6. I might have grown.

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