A conversation with Jay Cutler - Part 2

Indianapolis - Q)What do you need to improve upon?

Cutler: My footwork, I have been working on that, that has been an issue and been a concern going into the Senior Bowl and coming here, so a lot of little things. I think once I land somewhere they're going to iron those things out throughout the year.

Q)Do you think some of the issues with your mechanics are related to all the pressure you were constantly under from opposing defenses?

Cutler: Definitely. At times we don't have the front five to block the Florida's and LSU's, so I had to throw off my back foot. I had to move around a little bit and couldn't really get my feet set or my hips in line.

Q)What quarterbacks did you admire as a kid?

Cutler: Brett Favre, John Elway. Those are two guys that I definitely watched.

Q)Did playing at Vandy help you in some ways with the scouts because you did a lot of good things under tough circumstances?

Cutler: I got it done without a lot of guys around me. Nothing against those guys, I love them to death, but I didn't have All-Americans scattered across the field and I had to adjust, I had to deal with pressure. I had to deal with getting the ball into tight places, so I think it is going to help me going to the next level, dealing with adversity and being able to succeed through it.

Q)Do you like the gunslinger label?

Cutler: No. I don't think I am really a gunslinger, I take chances but I think they are calculated chances. I know what I am doing.

Q)How far is hometown (Santa Claus, Indiana) from Indianapolis?

Cutler: About 2 ½, 3 hours.

Q)Would you rather play as a rookie or watch and learn the first year?

Cutler: It is a touchy issue, and being a competitor and playing four years, you want to get out there as soon as possible and try and help your team, especially if you go in the first round. There's a lot of expectation there to help the team succeed. But on the other hand, being a quarterback, there is a lot of pressure. Dealing with a new playbook, a new coaching staff, and entirely new league, the intensity and the speed of the game. It could go either way. With either situation I am going to be fine and adjust to it.

Q)What did you measure in at?

Cutler: 6-3.2, 226.

Q)Coming out of high school, did you ever think the NFL was a possibility?

Cutler: You dream of it, but it is a long road to get here, especially at Vanderbilt. It is a little tougher road than some other people here.

Q)Why did you fly under the radar coming out of high school?

Cutler: I don't know. Southern Indiana. Small town. The Purdue's, Indiana's, Notre dame, they weren't really recruiting my part of the state, so I slipped under it. But I am happy where I landed. Vanderbilt, I had a great career there. I made a lot of great friend that will last the rest of my life.

Q)Were you disappointed other QB'S aren't working out at the combine?

Cutler: Yeah, I really am a little bit. But I can't help it. That is their decision. Some people are going to say they are making the right decision, some people are going to say they are making the wrong decision. But they have to do what's best for them. I'd like to see them out there, I think a lot of people would. But I can't help that. And I wish them the best.

Q)What happened last three games at Vandy, did light come on?

Cutler: We started off 4-0 the first four games. We slid a little but toward the end. Those last three games, my career was winding down and I knew it. I had some great help from my offensive linemen, and Earl Bennett, our freshman receiver, probably caught 600 yards of balls. It was fun, I enjoyed it.

Q)Should Vandy get out of the SEC?

Cutler: What do you mean? We did all right this year. We beat Arkansas, we got robbed at Florida. I mean we are getting it done. We beat Ole Miss at home. We are getting better recruiting classes every year and we are getting better recruiting classes every year. Coach (Bobby) Johnson is doing a great job. If you ask some of the teams in the SEC, they are not as fired up about playing us as they used to be in the past.

Q)Will money change you?

Cutler: I don't know. We'll find out soon.

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