Chad re-works deal and is staying

The New York Jets and quarterback Chad Pennington announced today that the two sides have reached an agreement to restructure Pennington's contract.

"Our intention all along was to have Chad remain with the Jets and we never wavered from that," said Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum. "Chad is a courageous and talented leader. Throughout this process, he put the interests of the team ahead of his own, enabling us to reach an agreement on terms beneficial to both parties. Chad has worked very hard to return from the surgery he underwent in October. He understands the challenges associated with coming back from his injury, but is committed to do what it takes to succeed."

"Through words and deeds, Chad has stated how important it is for him to remain with the Jets," said Jets coach Eric Mangini. "He is a smart, tough, competitive, hard-working football player and has demonstrated he is willing to make sacrifices for the betterment of the team. We are constantly looking for players who place the accomplishments of the Jets ahead of individual goals, and Chad is an excellent example."

"Heading into the off-season, I knew that re-working elements of my contract was a possibility," said Pennington. "That's the business-side of the industry and that's what the off-season is for. It was nothing personal, and I understand that. Moving forward, I am anxious to return to the playing field and feel very positive about where we are in the process. Likewise, I'm going to do what I need to do to get better because if I get better, this organization will get better. Since I was drafted by the Jets my singular goal has been to help get this team to the championship level."

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