A conversation with Mike Tannenbaum

Q)What type of players are you guys looking to add?

Tannenbaum: Coach Mangini and I have stressed having certain characteristics we're looking for. Again, those are smart players, tough players, players with flexibility, who are selfless and team oriented.

Q)What are your thoughts on acquiring Patrick Ramsey, Kimo von Oelhoffen, Matt Chatham and Tim Dwight?

Tannenbaum: We feel that Patrick has significant untapped upside in his ability. He has got valuable experience in this league. Patrick has thrown for 34 touchdowns in his career. We felt there was good value there, and we traded a 6th round pick for him.

Kimo was a key member of the Pittsburgh defense that helped them win the Super Bowl. He's tough, he's consistent, he gives maximum effort, and he's a leader off and off the field.

Matt Chatham is someone that was with Coach Mangini on the three Super Bowl victory teams with the Patriots. He knows the system, will increase the competitiveness at the linebacker position and be a key special teams player for us.

Tim gives us a punt returner, and we also feel he gives us a different type of receiver. He brings speed to the game and a change of pace element to our receiving group.

Q)With a lot of high draft picks, you guys seem to have a lot of flexibility . . .

Tannenbaum: I think where we stand is we have a total of eight draft choices. We have two 1's, three picks in the top 35, two 4s. We'll see what happens next week with compensatory picks when we are at the league meetings, and we feel that entering into the next phase of free agency and into the draft we have tremendous flexibility in acquiring more players that fit the types of players that Eric and I are looking for.

Q)Why would you trade a good player, like John Abraham, still in his prime?

Tannenbaum: We are extremely pleased with the value we were able to receive for him, and that gives us great flexibility moving forward into the draft. And without receiving that value, we were prepared to have him on the team this year.

Q)Why was there was no effort to try to lock Abraham up in a long­term deal?

Tannenbaum: We were prepared for him to be here this year under the franchise tag. We had the intent that he'd be here on the franchise tender for this year. We felt that was what was in the best interest of the team for the 2006 season. We were not prepared to do anything more than that in an economic situation.

Then we looked at an opportunity that was presented to ourselves, and we took advantage of that opportunity. The whole time, throughout the whole process he could have been here and played under the franchise tag for the 2006 season.

Q)Does the trade of John Abraham give you the flexibility to move up in the first round of the draft?

Tannenbaum: It's more the flexibility heading into the draft. Certainly there are some scenarios out there. We'll see what opportunities are presented to ourselves, and I won't rule anything in or rule anything out, starting with the 4th pick, the 29th pick and the 35th pick. We could move up or move back if we feel that's appropriate.

Q)What is the participation been like in the off-season program?

Tannenbaum: Well, I'm pleased to tell you that we have 100 percent participation; every player under contract is here in New York.

Q)Is Chad Pennington participating fully?

Tannanbaum: I don't know how to characterize that except to say that he's working under our coach Markus Paul and our head trainer John Mellody, and they have a program that will give him his best chance to succeed this year, be it in rehab, running, lifting. Obviously it's a tailored program to give Chad the best chance to succeed.

Q)How does the formula work with the compensatory picks - it's such a mystery?

Tannenbaum: I do have an inkling, but it's nothing more than an educated guess, and we're going to sit and be patient. Hopefully we'll receive more than one pick, but all it is is just speculation on our part, and we will find out next week in Orlando what those compensatory picks are, and it's based on the 2005 unrestricted free agency period.

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