Rare Q-and-A with nation's top draft expert

Q)A lot of people, including yourself, have the Jets picking D'Brickashaw Ferguson with the fourth pick. However, you have said he's not a great run blocker. What is the problem with "The Brick's" run-blocking?

Mel Kiper: I think his technique needs a little work. He needs to utilize his strength better. I think it's one of those things were he will always be more of a pass blocker, than a run blocker. But if he can be adequate as a run blocker, which I think he can be, he has a chance to be an outstanding player in the NFL. He has incredibly long arms, outstanding feet. The kid is a protypical left tackle from a pass blocking standpoint. He's not a dominant run blocker. At this point, he's not even an above average run blocker.

Q)If the Jets don't get D'Brickashaw Ferguson with the fourth pick, who are some tackles they could pick around 29 and 35?

Kiper: Around there you get into Eric Winston, the offensive tackle from Miami. His stock is back up now after dropping early in the season. He got better late in the season, and had a good combine. He could be a late first first, or early second round pick. After that, you are looking at a Jonathan Scott from Texas, but that would be a little high for him. Jeremy Trueblood (Boston College) and Andrew Whitworth (LSU) are second round possibilities. Marcus McNeil (Auburn) is more of a second round pick, than a first round pick.

A guy who be an interesting pick in the third round at left tackle is Paul McQuistan out of Weber State. Another kid who wouldn't be a bad third round pick would be Terrance Pennington out of New Mexico. Those are a couple guys under the radar.

Another player in the third round mix is Guy Whimper from East Carolina. The Jets have two third round picks. McQuistan, Pennington and Whimper would make sense with one of those picks.

Q)The Jets desperately need a speed receiver. They probably won't address the position in the first or second round, but who are some guys in the third and fourth round they could consider?

Kiper: A couple of guys in the third or fourth round – Brandon Williams from Wisconsin. He also has some punt returnability. You would looking at Adam Jennings from Fresno State, who also has some returnability. Also, Miles Austin from Monmouth, a big wide receiver from Monmouth, who has 4.45 speed.

Q)What is the deal with this kid from Monmouth, you rarely here of anybody coming out of that program?

Kiper: He had a very productive career. He is big kid at about 6-2 ½ and 220 pounds and ran a 4.47 at the combine. He showed very good hands. He looks very polished. He would be a good third or fourth round pick for somebody.

Q)A guy who seems to be a good fit for the Jets in the middle rounds is Virginia linebacker Kai Parham, who has a lot of experience in the 3-4 . . .

Kiper: He didn't show the kind of foot speed that you need. He's been a productive player. He has good size. He has a real good physical presence, he could take on blockers and all that. And he's a tough kid. I mean, when he hits you, he hurts you. This year had 8 ½ sacks. He had just three the previous two years. He became more multi-dimensional, but you just wish he ran faster.

Q)Some mock drafts have North Carolina State defensive end Mario Williams going four to the Jets. Don't you think it would be a waste to play Williams in a 3-4? Isn't he better suited to play a Julius Peppers-type role in a 4-3?

Kiper: I would not draft Mario Williams for a 3-4. Plus he will likely be gone to New Orleans at two after the Drew Brees signing. He's not going to be there at four. The only way he was going to be there at four was if New Orleans took (Matt) Leinart, and then Tennessee took (Vince) Young, and then the Jets could get Ferguson or Williams. But that all went up in smoke when Brees signed with New Orleans. That threw the top of the first round out of kilter.

Q)Speaking of Leinart. What about his arm strength? Isn't he basically a healthy Chad Pennington, who throws lefty? Wouldn't Leinart have trouble with the Meadowlands winds? He really struggled with the wind against UCLA this year.

Kiper: I think Leinart's arm is a little underrated. That was a brutal day out there against UCLA. I don't know many quarterbacks who could handle that effectively – maybe John Elway. I think the kid has enough arm strength. Kenny Stabler is who I would compare him to. I think he's going to be an outstanding quarterback in this league.

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