"Pigskin" DePalma's mock draft

The following is jetsconfidential.com's mock draft courtesy of South Florida radio personality Greg "Pigskin" DePalma:

Houston Texans 1st round pick #1...RB-Reggie Bush, USC

2nd round pick #33…OT-Eric Winston, Miami, Fl

3rd round pick #65...S-Daniel Bullocks, Nebraska

3rd round pick #66…LB-D'Qwell Jackson, Maryland

Total picks = 8 (1-33-65-66-98-134-170-251)

Top needs...OT, DT, LB's, DB's

Analysis/Notes…Forget all the crazy trade talk. Bush goes here and helps make this a dangerous offense overnight.

New Orleans Saints

1st round pick #2...DE-Mario Williams, NC State

2nd round pick #34…TE-Leonard Pope, Georgia

Total picks = 8 (2-34-99-135-171-174-210-252)

Top needs...TE, C/OG, DT, LB's, DB's

Analysis/Notes…I just don't believe they need another 1st round DE, especially since they have serious problems elsewhere, but they might be stuck drafting Williams anyway (if stuck is the right word) if they can't find the right trade partner. Either way, Williams is the second best player in this draft and won't get by #2, no matter who's here to select him. If they trade down, look for players like OLB-A.J. Hawk, TE-Vernon Davis, DT-Brodrick Bunkley and DB-Michael Huff.

Tennessee Titans

1st round pick #3...QB-Matt Leinart, USC

2nd round pick #39…DB-Donte Whitner, Ohio State

Total picks = 10 (3-39-102-137-169-172-215-238-245-246)

Top needs...QB, RB, OT, Defense

Analysis/Notes…To me, this is a no-brainer. Leinart became a star at USC under OC-Norm Chow, and you can't downplay the importance of the relationship between your coordinator and quarterback. Also, MLB-Peter Sirmon is unhappy, so if he is released or traded that position must be addressed early.

NY Jets

1st round pick #4...OT-D'Brickashaw Ferguson, Virginia

1st round pick #29...DE/OLB-Kamerion Wimbley, FSU

2nd round pick #35…DT-Rodrique Wright, Texas

3rd round pick #71...QB-Brodie Croyle, Alabama

3rd round pick #97...DE/OLB-Chris Gocong, Cal-Poly

Total picks = 10 (4-29-35-71-97-103-117-138-173-211)

Top needs...WR, OL, DE, LB's

Analysis/Notes…Tough decision between Ferguson & LB-A.J. Hawk, but Ferguson is the safer pick and the LB class is deeper than the Oline class where they can pick one up later at either 29 or 35. Also, it is imperative they find a security blanket for Pennington, if he's going to have any chance of recovering at full strength in the near future. At #29 look for the Jets to defensive. That means the following players will be targeted, DE/OLB's-Wimbley or Mathias Kiwanuka, OLB-Bobby Carpenter and DB's-Richard Marshall, Jason Allen or Donte Whitner. C-Nick Mangold could also go here, but after the signing of Trey Teague (Buf), that seems unlikely. My long shot pick here is WR-Sinorice Moss.

Green Bay Packers

1st round pick #5...OLB-A.J. Hawk, Ohio State

2nd round pick #36…TE-Anthony Fasano, Notre Dame

3rd round pick #67...OG-Max Jean-Gilles, Georgia

Total picks = 7 (5-36-67-104-139-165-253)

Top needs...TE, WR, OL, DL, OLB

Analysis/Notes…If Hawk is available, he is a lock here. If he's not, the Packers will either take the player who drops from above, or they will trade down. With very little activity this off-season and with just 7 draft picks, it makes even more sense to trade WR-Javon Walker, especially if they can‘t draft Hawk. If that happens, look for GM-Ted Thompson to upgrade the receiver position very early (Chad Jackson/Santonio Holmes). Also, don't rule out a trade with Cleveland for C-Jeff Faine.

San Francisco 49ers

1st round pick #6...DT-Haloti Ngata, Oregon

2nd round pick #22…RB-LenDale White, USC

3rd round pick #84...DE/OLB-Mark Anderson, Alabama Total picks = 10 (6-22-84-100-140-175-192-213-236-254)

Top needs...RB, TE, WR, DL, OLB, DB's

Analysis/Notes…I'd be surprised if HC-Mike Nolan didn't start upgrading the defense early on Day 1, since he failed to address a defensive player until the 5th round last year. If the Niners stay here, it will come down to either Ngata, TE-Vernon Davis or DB-Michael Huff. I just can't see a team that has plenty of needs going after a TE this high in the draft, especially since they already have a Pro Bowler (Eric Johnson) who could come back after missing last season. Ngata is the perfect 3-4 NT for Nolan‘s defense. Meanwhile, what does the Denver trade mean? Was it to give QB-Alex Smith some more weapons on offense by drafting one of the top 4 RB's or the top WR (Chad Jackson)? Or was it for the trade ammo necessary to obtain WR-Javon Walker from Green Bay? Nolan is changing the offense as well. Out goes OC-Mike McCarthy and the West Coast to Green Bay, and in comes Norv Turner. The switch away from the West Coast should benefit Smith. It's a very difficult offense for a young player to grasp. Meanwhile with pick #22, we're going to say Nolan will give Smith what he needs most, a stable of backs. Therefore, they stay local and take White.

Oakland Raiders

1st round pick #7...OT-Winston Justice, USC

2nd round pick #38…DE-Darryl Tapp, Virginia Tech

3rd round pick #69...LB-Gerris Wilkinson, Georgia Tech

Total picks = 7 (7-38-69-101-176-214-255)

Top needs...QB, TE, OL, Defense

Analysis/Notes…This could be either QB-Vince Young, TE-Vernon Davis, DT-Brodrick Bunkley, DB-Michael Huff or OT-Winston Justice. The gamble here is that they go with the local kid (Justice) out of USC. Justice and Robert Gallery will give new Head Coach, Art Shell a pair of bookends to mature into perennial All-Pro's for year's to come. Shell knows it all starts with the line, and the pieces fit rather nicely. Justice is considered by some a RT anyway and Gallery needs to begin his LT career as soon as possible. Currently, Barry Sims man's the position, but don't forget Sims has played guard before and would improve the interior that was a weakness last season. Also, with a deep TE class the Raiders can still land a starter at #38. And I don't buy all the Vince Young talk either. While it's true Al Davis is capable of doing anything, the fact is his team has not made the playoffs since 2002, and drafting a QB this high on a team with many needs would be a rebuilding move more than anything.

Buffalo Bills

1st round pick #8...DT-Brodrick Bunkley, FSU

2nd round pick #42…OT-Jonathan Scott, Texas

3rd round pick #70...OG-Charles Spencer, Pittsburgh

3rd round pick #73...DE-Ray Edwards, Purdue

Total picks = 9 (8-42-70-73-105-143-178-216-248)

Top needs...OL, DL, OLB, DB

Analysis/Notes…Look for new GM-Marv Levy & new HC-Dick Jauron to concentrate on defense in the early rounds, where the Bills have failed to upgrade over the past few seasons.

Detroit Lions

1st round pick #9...DB-Michael Huff, Texas

2nd round pick #40…WR-Greg Jennings, Western Michigan

3rd round pick #74...RB-Wali Lundy, Virginia

Total picks = 7 (9-40-74-141-179-217-247)

Top needs...OL, DL, LB, CB

Analysis/Notes…This should come down to Huff, OT-Winston Justice, LB/S-Ernie Sims and my long shot, RB-DeAngelo Williams. My guess is that Martz has enough toys to play with while new HC- Rob Marinelli (TB) would like to put a stamp on his team and get defensive. A leader in the back 7 is imperative and Marinelli knows it. Also, DT-Dan Wilkinson might retire, which could mean the need to upgrade early at that position, especially if 2005 2nd rounder, Dan Cody does not return from injury at 100%.

Arizona Cardinals

1st round pick #10...QB-Vince Young, Texas

2nd round pick #41…TE-Dominique Byrd, USC

3rd round pick #72...S-Ko Simpson, South Carolina

Total picks = 7 (10-41-72-107-142-177-218)

Top needs...QB, TE, LB, DB

Analysis/Notes…My guess is that even though TE-Vernon Davis looks like the perfect fit, if QB-Vince Young remains on the board, Green would be too tempted to pull the trigger. If Young, Davis and DB-Michael Huff are gone, look for QB-Jay Cutler, LB/S-Ernie Sims, DB-Jimmy Williams or CB-Antonio Crowmartie to go here instead. FA, WR-Az-Zahir Hakim is close to signing with the Cards, which will give them one heck of a receiving unit.

St. Louis Rams

1st round pick #11...TE-Vernon Davis, Maryland

2nd round pick #46…QB-Charlie Whitehurst, Clemson

3rd round pick #77...RB-Maurice Drew, UCLA

Total picks = 9 (11-46-77-109-144-183-221-242-243)

Top needs...QB, RB, TE, DL, DB

Analysis/Notes…This is a no-brainer if Davis is available. The only question is when new HC-Scott Lineman (Mia) will decide to go after his QB of the future. Jay Cutler might be his man, but with Marc Bulger on board, I think he'll go with either Charlie Whitehurst or Brodie Croyle in round 2 as insurance in case Bulger continues his banged up career. Other possibilities here include DT-Brodrick Bunkley, LB/S-Ernie Sims, DB-Jimmy Williams or CB-Antonio Crowmartie. DT-Grady Jackson is a possible signing.

Cleveland Browns

1st round pick #12...OLB-Chad Greenway, Iowa

2nd round pick #43…CB-Richard Marshall, Fresno State

3rd round pick #78...RB-Brian Calhoun, Wisconsin

Total picks = 8 (12-43-78-110-145-152-180-222)

Top needs...RB, OL, Defense

Analysis/Notes…While it was a great move to add vets like Willie McGinest and Ted Washington, they are both on the downside of their careers, so more linemen and linebackers are still needed. If either of the top 2 DT's are still available (Ngata, Bunkley), they will go here. Gabe Watson, the 3rd top DT prospect, who will be available, is a long shot. C-Jeff Faine is seeking a trade partner since the team added FA, C-LeCharles Bentley.

Baltimore Ravens

1st round pick #13...DT-Gabe Watson, Michigan

2nd round pick #44…DB-Jason Allen, Tennessee

Total picks = 10 (13-44-111-132-146-166-181-203-208-219)

Top needs...QB, WR, OL, DT, DB

Analysis/Notes…This is where it can get real interesting with the Eagles and Broncos both possibly trying to land WR-Chad Jackson. And what if Jay Cutler remains? If he's still available, the Vikings might be tempted to trade up to get him, especially since they own 3 picks in the first 51. If the Ravens are satisfied that they can get a player they like down the board, they could then trade down. Also, it's still not set in stone that QB-Kyle Boller will be the starter come opening day, as it looks more and more like Steve McNair will be brought over from Tennessee. If a veteran like McNair is not brought in to compete with Boller, a rookie is almost assured of being drafted. Could that be Cutler? Meanwhile, like the Browns, we know the Ravens are very interested in landing one of the top DT's. DC-Rex Ryan is switching back to a 4-3 alignment and the need for that Tony Siragusa type is very apparent. I'm sure Ray Lewis thinks so. They could trade up for one of them or even for DB-Michael Huff. Keep in mind GM-Ozzie Newsome is selecting one spot after his former student, Browns GM-Phil Savage. Both will be trying hard to out maneuver one another. If the Ravens remain here at #13, I'll say they go with either DB‘s-Jimmy Williams or Antonio Crowmartie, or they might even reach for DT-Gabe Watson. Keep in mind these players could all be available if Newsome decides to trade down. And if they sign DT-Grady Jackson (GB), my pick would switch to Antonio Crowemartie. OT-Winston Justice is a long shot here, if available.

Philadelphia Eagles

1st round pick #14...WR-Chad Jackson, Florida

2nd round pick #45…OLB-DeMeco Ryans, Alabama

3rd round pick #76...OT-Rashad Butler, Miami, Fl

Total picks = 10 (14-45-76-108-116-127-147-168-204-220)

Top needs...RB, WR, OT, DT

Analysis/Notes…With Terrell Owens gone, the Eagles are in need of a playmaker for QB-Donovan McNabb. The problem is that this year's class of wideouts are considerably weak. So unless they nab Jackson, no other receiver is worth a selection this high. If the Eagles are truly looking to upgrade at WR, they could be inclined to deal their pick to Green Bay for the disgruntled Javon Walker. The health status of Todd Pinkston could also determine what GM-Tom Heckert does with this pick. The Eagles are also in need of a power back to compliment RB-Brian Westbrook, but are they willing to gamble on the recent downfall of LenDale White? OT-Winston Justice & DT-Gabe Watson are other possibilities. And if they move down a few spots, they could still land a player like Watson, White, OT's-Eric Winston or Marcus McNeil and WR-Santonio Holmes.

Denver Broncos

1st round pick #15...QB-Jay Cutler, Vanderbilt

2nd round pick #37…S-Darnell Bing, USC

2nd round pick #61…WR-Derek Hagan, Arizona State

3rd round pick #68…TE-Joe Klopfenstein, Colorado

3rd round pick #93…RB-Mike Bell, Arizona

Total picks = 10 (15-37-61-68-93-119-126-130-161-198)

Top needs...Offense, DL

Analysis/Notes…HC-Mike Shanahan would love to pick a player like Cutler here as the eventual replacement for Jake Plummer. If Cutler is unavailable, look for WR-Chad Jackson or TE-Vernon Davis as players the Bronco offense could insert into the lineup opposite Rod Smith. The Broncos have four of the first 68 picks in the draft (more than any team in the league) and seven selections in the first four rounds. That means they have the ability to move up and grab a player they covet (Cutler, Davis, Jackson). It also means they could deal some picks to a team like the Packers for WR-Javon Walker. If neither Cutler or Jackson are obtainable, the Broncos could trade down and select either RB's-LenDale White or DeAngelo Williams, WR-Santonio Holmes or TE's-Mercedes Lewis or Leonard Pope. #2 WR-Ashley Lelie is in the final year of his contract and will be dealt if GM-Ted Sundquist can find a partner.

Miami Dolphins

1st round pick #16...OLB/SS-Ernie Sims, FSU

3rd round pick #82…QB-Omar Jacobs, Bowling Green

Total picks = 6 (16-82-114-212-226-233)

Top needs...QB, RB, WR, OL, DL, OLB

Analysis/Notes…With only one pick in the first 81 and 3 in the first 211 of this draft, the fish are a leading contender to trade down and replenish their draft stock. Players of interest at this point should be LB's-Sims & Chad Greenway, WR's-Santonio Holmes & Sinorice Moss, OT's-Eric Winston & Marcus McNeil and DT-Gabe Watson. RB is another need after the departure of Ricky Williams, but which round? DeAngelo Williams is the long shot pick. Also, QB-Joey Harrington is close to becoming a Dolphin, which is very important since no one is quite sure when QB-Duante Culpepper is going to return. So don't rule out a move to obtain Jay Cutler, even though the Dolphins only have one pick in the first 82 selections. If Cutler somehow drops here, he won't get past Saban. And keep in mind Saban has two new coordinators this season (OC-Mike Mularkey, DC-Dom Capers).

Minnesota Vikings

1st round pick #17...CB-Antonio Crowmartie, FSU

2nd round pick #48…QB-Kellen Clemens, Oregon

2nd round pick #51…LB-Thomas Howard, UTEP

3rd round pick #83…LB-Abdul Hodge, Iowa

Total picks = 7 (17-48-51-83-115-149-185)

Top needs...QB, LB, CB

Analysis/Notes…The Vikings will probably look at defense first, so the nominees are…LB's-Ernie Sims, Thomas Howard or DeMeco Ryans and DB's-Crowmartie, Jimmy Williams, Tye Hill, Jason Allen, or Donte Whitner. I'm going with Crowmartie because I think he is the best DB in the draft, and that includes Michael Huff. My long shot choice is RB-LenDale White. Considering the Vikes now have 3 picks in the first 51 thanks to the additional 2nd obtained from Miami in the Duante Culpepper deal, a move up for Jay Cutler should not be ruled out. Either way, new HC-Brad Childress will draft a QB on Day1. Also, the Vikings have an NFL high 5 picks in the first 95 selections.

Dallas Cowboys

1st round pick #18...OT-Marcus McNeil, Auburn

2nd round pick #49…DT-Claude Wroten, LSU

3rd round pick #80…DB-Cedric Griffin, Texas

Total picks = 6 (18-49-80-150-182-224)

Top needs...WR, OL, DT, LB, DB

Analysis/Notes…This is a crapshoot, with many possible players and scenarios. If they decide to go offense, look for either WR-Santonio Holmes or McNeil. On defense, it should come down to DE‘s-Manny Lawson or Kamerion Wimbley, DT-Gabe Watson, LB's-Bobby Carpenter or Ernie Sims and DB's-Antonio Crowmartie, Jimmy Williams, Tye Hill, Richard Marshall, Jason Allen, or Donte Whitner. Trading down is another option, but my guess is going to be McNeil, who fit's the profile f Parcells type linemen. And even though Jason Fabini and Kyle Kosier were signed, the line was such a problem that it needs even more depth, especially the young kind. By the way, if Gabe Watson is still on the board, they might take him over McNeil.

San Diego Chargers

1st round pick #19...DE/OLB-Manny Lawson, NC State

2nd round pick #50…OT-Andrew Whitworth, LSU

3rd round pick #81…WR-Martin Nance, Miami, Ohio

Total picks = 9 (19-50-81-113-151-187-188-225-227)

Top needs...WR, OT/G, DE/OLB, CB

Analysis/Notes…More players are needed in the front 7, especially at LB where Donnie Edwards, Randall Godfrey and Steve Foley are getting up there in age. Lawson is the perfect 3-4 type that would fit in well with this team and his stock is rising fast due to his outstanding measurables. GM-AJ Smith does not usually trade up in the draft, but word has it he is dangling Edwards as trade bait. Another option on defense is CB, but you have to wonder whether Smith wants to spend another high draft pick there, something they've been doing allot lately and to poor results. On offense, Smith needs to find some more body guards for QB-Phillip Rivers, so keep an eye on Eric Winston or Marcus McNeil. If OT is the choice, RT-Shane Olivea could move inside to guard and solidify the line. The line experienced more than there share of injuries and Smith fired line coach, Carl Mauck. WR is another need, but unless they trade up for Chad Jackson, I'm not sure they settle for Santonio Holmes. Also, if Lawson goes to Dallas or somewhere else, Smith could still go after the same position type player like Mathias Kiwanuka or Kamerion Wimbley.

Kansas City Chiefs

1st round pick #20...DE-Tamba Hali, Penn State

2nd round pick #54…CB-Daniel Manning, Abilene Christian

3rd round pick #85…QB/WR-Brad Smith, Missouri

Total picks = 7 (20-54-85-154-186-190-228)

Top needs...FB, WR, DE, DB

Analysis/Notes…If history serves, new HC-Herm Edwards will want to improve his pass rush first over the secondary. Edwards, a former DB himself, does a great job with that unit and doesn't feel the need to waste a high pick there. He also understands the need for a strong pass rush for his Cover-2 defense to work. Also, keep your eye on FA-Ty Law, who could very well end up here with his former coach. The main need on offense is wideout, but unless Chad Jackson slips down the draft board, they'll look later for that one.

New England Patriots

1st round pick #21...LB-Bobby Carpenter, Ohio State

2nd round pick #52…CB-Ashton Youboty, Ohio State

3rd round pick #75…LB-Kai Parham, Virginia

3rd round pick #86…WR-Jason Avant, Michigan

Total picks = 11 (21-52-75-86-106-118-136-191-205-206-229)

Top needs...RB, WR, LB, DB, PK

Analysis/Notes…The departure of LB's-Willie McGinest and Chad Brown as well as the age of Tedy Bruschi means that position must be addressed sometime early on draft day. Carpenter has the perfect size for HC-Bill Belichick's defense, as well as the right demeanor. The secondary could also be addressed here with players like Antonio Crowmartie, Jason Allen, Richard Marshall, Tye Hill, and Donte Whitner. On offense, look for the Pats to find a future replacement for RB-Corey Dillon who slowed down considerably last year with assorted foot injuries. The question is, which round do they draft one? DeAngelo Williams could be an option in round 1. Also, with WR-David Givens bolting for Tennessee, there is speculation about drafting Santonio Holmes. I'm not sure that happens though. The signing of FA, WR-Reche Caldwell could mean they have already found their replacement for Givens. And keep an eye on FA, CB-Ty Law who could make a return to Foxboro.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

1st round pick #23...DB-Jimmy Williams, Virginia Tech

2nd round pick #59…DT-Dusty Dvoracek, Oklahoma

3rd round pick #90…RB-Andre Hall, South Florida

Total picks = 10 (23-59-90-122-156-194-202-235-241-244)

Top needs...QB, WR/KR, Defensive depth, PK

Analysis/Notes…With 21 of 22 full-time starters back next season, the Bucs need to improve their overall team depth everywhere. So a trade down is very realistic. If they stay here at 23, they could reach by drafting Sinorice Moss or even Santonio Holmes. The defense needs the best available talent at every position, and that's why I went with Williams. Other names to keep an eye on are DE's-Tamba Hali or Darryl Tapp, DT-Gabe Watson, LB's-DeMeco Ryans, Ernie Sims or Thomas Howard or anyone of the top DB's. Later on, HC-Jon Gruden may decide he needs another young pup at QB in case Chris Simms disappoints and/or leaves next year via free agency.

Cincinnati Bengals

1st round pick #24...CB-Tye Hill, Clemson

2nd round pick #55…DE-Victor Adeyanju, Indiana

3rd round pick #91…S-Roman Harper, Alabama

Total picks = 8 (24-55-91-123-157-193-209-231)

Top needs...QB, TE, DE, DB

Analysis/Notes…In the later rounds, drafting a QB would make sense if President, Mike Brown and HC-Marvin Lewis believe the injury to Carson Palmer (knee) is more serious than originally anticipated. The only other need on offense is a pass-catching TE. Mercedes Lewis or Leonard Pope could land here. But it's the defense, especially the secondary that needs an upgrade, or didn't you watch them get torched all season? The signing of former Super Bowl MVP, FA-Dexter Jackson (TB) helps, but more players are needed. Pass rushing depth is another priority, so Darryl Tapp or Tamba Hali should also be considered.

NY Giants

1st round pick #25...WR-Santonio Holmes, Ohio State

2nd round pick #56…DT-Orien Harris, Miami, Fl

3rd round pick #87…CB-Will Blackmon, Boston College

Total picks = 6 (25-56-87-124-158-232)

Top needs...WR, OT, DT, CB

Analysis/Notes…Give GM-Ernie Accorsi and HC-Tom Coughlin allot of credit for addressing their primary weakness, the defensive backfield, during free agency. A total of six new players will compete for playing time in the teams new revamped secondary. CB-Will Peterson's recurring back troubles might lead him to retire though and if the Giants believe that might happen, then more secondary help could come from the draft (Richard Marshall). Also on defense, DT-Kendrick Clancy surprised the Giants by signing with Arizona, leaving a gaping hole in the interior of the line that should be filled in the draft. FA-Grady Jackson (GB) is another option. On offense, all 11 starters should be back, but some depth must be added at WR (Holmes & Sinorice Moss) & OT (Eric Winston).

Chicago Bears

1st round pick #26...TE-Mercedes Lewis, UCLA

2nd round pick #57…S-Pat Watkins, FSU

3rd round pick #88…WR-Maurice Stovall, Notre Dame

Total picks = 6 (26-57-88-120-159-195)

Top needs...WR, TE, OLB, DB

Analysis/Notes…All 22 starters from last year's NFC North Division Champs will return, but there are four positions that could open up for the right draft pick. Look for WR‘s-Sinorice Moss or Santonio Holmes, TE's-Lewis or Leonard Pope, OLB's-DeMeco Ryans or Thomas Howard and DB's-Richard Marshall, Jason Allen or Donte Whitner to be on the Bears draft board.

Carolina Panthers

1st round pick #27...RB-DeAngelo Williams, Memphis

2nd round pick #58…OLB/S-Jon Alston, Stanford

3rd round pick #89…FB/TE-Garrett Mills, Tulsa

Total picks = 7 (27-58-89-121-155-234-237)

Top needs...RB, TE, DB

Analysis/Notes…There is no question that GM-Mark Hurney & HC-John Fox will be looking for some depth at RB, especially after the problems that occurred at the end of last season when Stephen Davis and DeShaun Foster were lost when the team needed them the most. Foster is back, as is 2005 2nd rounder, Eric Shelton, another key player who spent the year on IR. If Shelton returns, he will spell Davis as the team's short yardage runner, but more help is on the way. Another possibility early is to draft a pass-catching TE (Mercedes Lewis or Leonard Pope), something the Panthers have not had since Wesley Walls. And following the loss of CB-Ricky Manning Jr. to Chicago, another DB should be added sometime.

Jacksonville Jaguars

1st round pick #28...RB-Laurence Maroney, Minnesota

2nd round pick #60…OLB-Roger McIntosh, Miami, Fl

3rd round pick #92…CB-Marcus Maxey, Miami, Fl

Total picks = 6 (28-60-92-125-160-197)

Top needs...RB, TE, WR, DE, OLB, DB

Analysis/Notes…RB-Fred Taylor isn't getting any younger, and Alvin Pearman is not going to be an every down back. So if one of the top 4 runners are available, they could easily go here. Other options include WR's-Santonio Holmes & Sinorice Moss, TE's-Mercedes Lewis & Leonard Pope, DE's-Darryl Tapp & Tamba Hali, OLB's-DeMeco Ryans & Thomas Howard and DB's-Jason Allen & Donte Whitner.

Indianapolis Colts

1st round pick #30...C-Nick Mangold, Ohio State

2nd round pick #62…RB-Joseph Addai, LSU

3rd round pick #94…S-Bernard Pollard, Purdue

Total picks = 6 (30-62-94-162-199-207)

Top needs...RB, OL, DT, OLB, DB

Analysis/Notes…Everyone knows the Colts need to replace RB-Edgerrin James, but what happens if none of the top 4 RB's remain the board. In that case President, Bill Polian could decide to find one later. If that happens, look for either OLB-DeMeco Ryans or one of the remaining DB's (CB-Richard Marshall, Jason Allen, Donte Whitner). OLB/S-Jon Alston is a long shot. Of course, Polian could reach for his runner and draft either Joseph Addai or Jerious Norwood.

Seattle Seahawks

1st round pick #31...DE-Mathias Kiwanuka, Boston College

2nd round pick #63…OG-David Joseph, Oklahoma

3rd round pick #95…CB-David Pittman, Northwestern State

Total picks = 8 (31-63-95-128-163-200-239-249)

Top needs...TE, OL, DE, DB

Analysis/Notes…This will probably come down to either DE (Kiwanuka, Darryl Tapp, Tamba Hali) or DB (Donte Whitner, Ashton Youboty, Richard Marshall, Jason Allen). A long shot here could be either TE-Mercedes Lewis or Leonard Pope. Keep an eye on FA, DB's-Ty Law and Lance Shulters (Mia.).

Pittsburgh Steelers

1st round pick #32...WR-Sinorice Moss, Miami, Fl

2nd round pick #64…RB-Jerious Norwood, Mississippi State

3rd round pick #96…QB/WR-Michael Robinson, Penn State

Total picks = 10 (32-64-96-129-131-133-164-167-201-240)

Top needs...RB, WR, C, DE, DB

Analysis/Notes…With HOF, RB-Jerome Bettis now retired, most people believe the Steelers will go RB here. But like the Colts, what if none of the top 4 are available? I have a feeling they would look at either WR (Moss or Santonio Holmes), C (Nick Mangold) or DB (Donte Whitner, Ashton Youboty, Richard Marshall, Jason Allen, Darnell Bing). The Steelers could also trade down, or with 10 picks, their most since 1999 (11), they could move up in the draft.

Atlanta Falcons

2nd round pick #47…CB-Jonathan Joseph, South Carolina

3rd round pick #79…DT-John McCargo, NC State

Total picks = 6 (47-79-112-148-184-223)

Top needs…WR, DT, CB

Analysis/Notes…The Falcons are actually happy they don't have a first round pick, because that means they have a proven star like DE-John Abraham in uniform already. Look for GM-Rich McKay to try and sign either DT-Brentson Bunkner (Car) or Grady Jackson (GB). That would mean they could forward their attention to the secondary first and maybe even another receiver.

Washington Redskins

2nd round pick #53…CB-Kelly Jennings, Miami, Fl

Total picks = 6 (53-153-189-196-230-250)

Top needs...C/OG, DL, OLB, CB

Analysis/Notes…The Redskins were very active this off-season, and now must make the best out of a draft that only allows them 1 pick in the first 153. Look for them to add more players on defense first before trying to bolster their depth on the Oline. At this point on my draft board, I'll say it comes down to either OG-Max Jean-Gilles, DT-Claude Wroten, OLB-Thomas Howard or CB's-Jonathan Joseph, Ashton Youboty, Marcus Maxey or Kelly Jennings.


Round 1 = picks 1-32

Round 2 = picks 33-64

Round 3 = picks 65-97

Round 4 = picks 98-133

Round 5 = picks 134-169

Round 6 = picks 170-208

Round 7 = picks 209-255

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