A conversation with Leon Washington

Q)What are your thoughts on being drafted by the Jets?

Washington: I am happy. I feel blessed. It took a little while, but I knew the Jets liked me. My agent (Dave Butz) let me know about that. I am in a good position right now.

Q)Your thoughts on being drafted on the second day?

I knew there was a possibility that I would go the second day, so yesterday I sat down with my family, we didn't have a party or anything, and watched the draft. We weren't worried about me going in the first or second round. My mom and my dad told me everything in life happens for a reason. I knew God would put me somewhere for a reason. That's our thinking and that's the way it is.

Q)What about your height?

Washington: Well, I played at Florida State University as a 5'7" guy with 5'9" guys. If you think about some of the great RBs in the League, most of them are not taller than 5'11". When it gets down to it, I want to let my game speak for itself.

Q)How is your health?

Washington: Right now I'm pretty good. I am ready for mini-camp. I am ready to come in and contribute to the team in whatever way I can. I feel good right now.

Q)What about the injuries you had at FSU?

Washington: Football is a game where injuries are going to happen. Unfortunately, I have been on that side of it. I have had a few injuries, but I am healed up now. It may have been a problem, my height may have been a problem, or what ever it may be, but I am ready to put all of that behind me. I am really happy right now and I am ready to come in and contribute to the team.

Q)What kind of returner are you?

Washington: I am the only player in Florida State history to score five different ways, that is I return punts, I return kicks, I catch, I run and I had a fumble recovery in the end zone for a TD. So I have done kick-off returns and punt returns at the college level.

Q)Do you know Laveranues Coles?

Washington: Yes I know him, well, I know of him. My high school was a rival with his high school, and I have played against him a few times.

Q)What are your thoughts on playing with Curtis Martin?

His numbers and his consistency in the NFL speak for themselves. What a guy to come in and learn the game of football from. What a guy to come in and play behind. I am honored to get to play with him and be in his presence. I will take this and learn as much as I can from him.

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