A conversation with Mike Tannenbaum

Q)Your thoughts on the addition of D'Brickashaw Ferguson?

Tannenbaum: We're excited to have him. He represents a rare opportunity where the board marries the need. We are going to get a person who started at a high level of competition at a position where we obviously need some help.

As a person, doing all the research that we did, D'Brickashaw is an outstanding individual and when we put those three aspects together, it all came back to D'Brickashaw. He's someone that we think will be here for a long time and help us win ball games.

Q)How tough was it to pass on Matt Leinart?

Tannenbaum: Over the last few weeks as different scenarios evolved, we put a lot of time, effort and energy into creating our board and we tried to stick to the boards that we made.

Q)What were the conversations like with New Orleans regarding the #2 pick?

Tannenbaum: I would say there were a lot of phone calls that we made and we received; I am sure the phone company is going to be very happy with the bill. We assessed every opportunity. I would say there were conversations and I will leave it at that. There were a lot of situations out there that we evaluated, but we are very pleased with D'Brickashaw. As Eric said, he is a player who can really help the offense with his defense.

Q)Why did it take 10 minutes to turn in the card announcing D'Brickashaw as your pick?

Tannenbaum: There are always a confluence of circumstances that go on before a pick that you need to make sure everything is buttoned up. You have to be sure to assess every opportunity from other teams, the signing of that player, his medical situation, security situation. It is obviously a big decision when you take a player in the first round. It was my decision to wait. I didn't think there was any reason not to wait. You have 15 minutes for a reason. I thought it was a good idea to wait just to make sure.

Q)What are your plans for Brad Smith?

Tannenbaum: We're going to try Brad at receiver. We had phenomenal recommendations from all of the scouts and his coaches. He had 45 rushing TD as a QB at a big program. We are going to start Brad at receiver and go from there.

Q)Where you concerned about the fact that Leon Washington's numbers seemed to dip as a senior?

Tannenbaum: As a junior, he averaged 6.9 yards-per-carry, his average per-carry slipped a little his senior year, but we're comfortable with that. Reasons for that is because our scouts went out and got the right information about Leon and he's going to come in and compete at the RB position.

The feedback that we received on him was that he was very well thought of, football was important to him and he was a leader. That's all we needed to know. We feel like it's a program we know a lot about and we're comfortable about him on a personality stand point.

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