A conversation with Joey Clinkscale

What are your thoughts on Drew Coleman?

Clinkscales: We thought that we needed to add a guy there that had some speed. He'll compete there; you'll see what happens there. He's got character. He was hurt in 2005. He had a minor surgery sometime at the end of 2005 and then came back for the workout. He is a former junior college kid from Henderson, Texas. He had five career interceptions. He has some physicality to him and he will tackle. He has quick feet and good change of direction. He‘s a guy that will compete at the position.

Q)What is his height?

Clinkscales: He is about 5'9"

Q)What about his injury?

Clinkscales: He has overcome that. He played a season. So the likely-hood of him getting better, even better than he was his senior year, is probably pretty good.

Q)What can you tell us about Brad Smith's workout?

Clinkscales: Brad is a unique position. He's a guy first of all that has impeccable character, is a great kid, athletic, has a chance to play receiver, running back, maybe even defensive back, who knows. He is a guy that gives you options.

Q)What is your overall assessment of the draft?

Clinkscales: I think we fielded needs at every position. I think we went into this draft with some specific needs. I think we got kids with character, I think we got kids who can come in and compete as starters on the first day and with guys on the second day, most of them will start out as (special) team's players and hopefully they will develop into more.

Q)What are your thought son Kellen Clemen's arm?

Clinkscales: Pure arm strength, he was probably a little less than Cutler and probably better than both Vince Young and Matt.

Q)What about his size?

Clinkscales: You know the height is a concern a little bit, but we feel that he is athletic. Once he drops back, we feel he sees the field well. Again, he has a strong arm.

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