Minicamp Notebook - Day Two

More no-pads practices on Day 2 of the minicamp. ...

... "They started getting it a little bit," coach Eric Mangini said Saturday of his 40 first-year players at the morning session. "The offense had a lot of new things put in, some motion, some new plays and new types of plays. Defensively, I liked the level of communication. I thought it improved significantly, players talking to each other, making sure the adjustments were correct. Overall, the tempo of practice was very good. Everybody was competitive in a smart way, taking care of each other. I was pleased with this morning's situation."

Kellen Clemens stood out again in the 45-minute window reporters were allowed to watch practice. The second-round QB again demonstrated his mastery of the small amount of plays the offense was running, redirecting players who might have been misaligned and hitting receivers accurately with short passes coming out of motion. He continues to impress with the precision and quickness with which he drops back from center, sets up and throws. But he didn't throw any deep balls with reporters around.

Two free agents, LB Blake Costanzo and S Jamie Thompson "blew up" modified kickoff returns under ST coach Mike Westhoff's direction. Both Costanzo and Thompson slid off blocks to make the "tackle" on the returner.

Ed Blanton's the big man on the offense at this camp. For the defense that honor goes to Tui Alailefaleula, who's listed at 6-4, 350. "That's a big guy," said one Jets staffer. He seemed to move well for such a big guy, too, although the observed drills were limited to the blocking sled. His full first name is Tuiaualuma, so with a name of 23 letters and 15 syllables, if he makes the roster he'd be in the running for the NFL's longest name ever. Alailefaleula played his first three seasons at the University of Washington on the defensive line before switching to O-line as a senior. He's being listed as a DL/OL with the Jets, although at this camp he appeared to be working exclusively with the D-line.

Contributing to the coaching Saturday were assistant WR coach Richie Anderson, assistant DL coach Bryan Cox and assistant strength coach Rick Lyle, as well as director of player development Jerome Henderson. All are first-year NFL staffers and former Jets players. ... Anderson, Cox and Lyle missed the first day of minicamp Friday to attend the NFL coaches' symposium. ... The coaching admonition of the day came from Cox, who advised players using improper technique while doing step drills around the bags lying on the turf: "Drop that ass! Drop that ass!"

Mangini talked in vague generalities in response to several questions trying to sound him out about his offensive and defensive schemes. The keyword on both sides of the ball is "flexibility." The players have all gotten the message about discussing X's and O's. Clemens, asked about what type of offense he'll be running, said, "I really can't tell you. Sorry." A defensive player, asked about the 3-4/4-3 question, said, "There is no base defense. We've got such a big playbook and so many ways we can attack an offense."

Some veteran notes: RB Cedric Houston did break a bone in his wrist during that car accident last month and is wearing hard protective plastic. But it was not a Hideki Matsui wrist fracture, more of a chip. Houston should be available for the full-squad minicamp in mid-June. ... Three of the positions on the Jets' rebuilding O-line would appear to be set: Rookie D'Brickashaw Ferguson at LT, Pete Kendall at LG and Adrian Jones switching back to RT. The C and RG battles will be interesting. Rookie Nick Mangold will push veteran Trey Teague at C. Presumably Teague has a leg up there, and the coaches may want to play Mangold right away but not immediately at C. So then Mangold could battle RG Brandon Moore. If Mangold doesn't start, he still would be a major upgrade from Jonathan Goodwin as the backup G-C. But when the affable Mangold does get into the starting lineup, don't expect him to leave.

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