Groh thinks Jets got keeper in Ferguson

Nobody knows more about Jets first round pick, offensive tackle D'Brickashaw Ferguson, than Virginia coach Al Groh. The former Jets coach recruited Ferguson out of Freeport High School, and then coached him for four years at UVA.

Groh thinks the Jets made a great decision last month grabbing Ferguson with the fourth pick of last month's draft.

"This is a great pick for the Jets," said Groh. "Mike Tannenbaum was tremendously thorough in gathering all the information and diligently preparing. I think he made a great football decision."

Groh liked Ferguson from the get-go.

"From the time I began coaching D'Brickashaw, he was a tremendously focused person," said Groh."He was a four-year starter, but most importantly he graduated in three and a half years. Which I think is a true testament to his character and dedication."

Aside from raw skill, it's Ferguson's work ethic that Groh thinks makes him great.

"Every single day in practice and in the classroom he displayed ambition and a true willingness to get better every day," said Groh. "He showed professionalism long before he turned pro."

The New York market isn't for everyone. Just ask former Yankee pitchers Ed Whitson and Kenny Rogers. But Groh think Ferguson, a New York-native, will have no trouble handling the Big Apple.

"I feel only a certain type of athlete can really thrive in New York and he is that kind of man," said Groh. "He understands this market because he grew up here, and he is one of them."

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