Chad Pennington talks on MSG Network

Q)You have been on quite a rollercoaster ride from being so close to going to the AFC Championship game two years ago, to a second shoulder operation. What do you think about people who doubt you can overcome two shoulder surgeries?

Pennington: I use it as motivation, use it for inspiration. I'm not blowing smoke. I'm being honest.

The challenges I've had in football don't compare to some life challenges other people go through.

Q)What do you think of people who question whether you still have what it takes after all the injuries?

Pennington: Right now, I wouldn't want it any other way. I accept the challenge and I'm excited about it. I'm going to give it everything I have and put it all on the line. I believe that is how the game should be played. I don't look at the negatives, I look at the positives.

Q)Do you know anybody who has overcome two shoulder surgeries at the quarterback position and been able to come back?

Pennington: I don't anyone, but I sure plan on being the first.

We all deal with the injuries. I've seen Curtis Martin rush for 1000 yards with two high ankle sprains.

It's mind over matter.

Q)What do you think of the team bringing in Patrick Ramsey, and considering Matt Leinart in the draft?

Pennington: I wasn't terribly concerned. My focus has been on my health and getting healthy. I need to give myself a chance to compete.

Coaches and GM's are in the business of creating competition.

You have to trust your own ability, and don't shy away from the competition and see what happens.

Q)If you were a betting man, would you bet on yourself at this point?

Pennington: I have a certain level of confidence because of the medical staff around me. I just believe in what we are trying to do. As an athlete, if you don't believe in yourself, you have a long road ahead of you.

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