Wayne Chrebet officially retires

Wayne Chrebet officially retired on Friday. Not that he wanted to. "This decision was made for me," said Chrebet. Chrebet's myriad concussions over his NFL career took their toll, and he had no choice. He's still suffering from post-concussion syndrome.

"I should get a sponsorship with Advil," said Chrebet. "I wake-up and feel like I have a hangover."

But as far as Chrebet is concerned, he feels there is only one person to blame for his current condition.

"It's a bummer to go through this stuff," said Chrebet. "It's my own fault. I have nobody to blame but myself."

Years of going over the middle with no regard for his body, and blocking linebackers like Ray Lewis took their toll.

"A lot of my game was courage," said Chrebet. "But a lot of it was stupidity."

He went at it as hard as he could over his 11-years in the NFL.

"I just gave it everything I had," said Chrebet.

Chrebet finished his Jets career second in team history in receptions with 580 receptions, only behind Don Maynard.

His most impressive catch might have been his last. He made a diving catch against San Diego in 2005, and proceeded to land on his head.

But despite being knocked cold, he maintained possession of the ball.

"Even after his head banged into the turf, he held on to the ball," said CBS broadcaster Dick Enberg, who was calling the game.

And that ended a great career.

Chrebet still can't believe it's over.

"Every day I wake up I look forward to working out and getting back on the field, and then I realize it's not going to happen," said Chrebet.

As the Jets start over again, this time under the leadership of GM Mike Tannenbaum and coach Eric Mangini, they have spent this off-season looking for a certain-type of player.

"A few months ago, I talked about how we would look under a rock to find the players we are looking for,' said Chrebet. "I hope we find more rocks that produce the likes of Wayne Chrebet."

It's not going to be easy.

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