Teague injury serious

While Nick Mangold is an excellent center prospect, the best in the 2006 draft, he might not be ready to start at the beginning of the season. But now he might have to, due to a leg injury suffered by Trey Teague.

Teague, who started at center for the Buffalo Bills the last three seasons, signed with the Jets as a free agent this off-season.

He was the leading candidate to start at center this season.

But last week in an OTA practice, Teague went down with what is being described by a league source as "serious ankle injury."

Teague hasn't been present at the minicamp, and Mangold has been starting.

One of the hardest position in the NFL for a rookie to start, is at center. Not only do you have to handle your own assignments, but you are the leader of the offensive line. A big part of the job is making line calls after seeing how the defense lines up. For a rookie, this is very hard, because they haven't seen a lot different NFL sets while on the college level.

This is why the Jets were considering starting Mangold at guard as a rookie, and going with the veteran Teague at center.

But that plan now has to be altered due to Teague's injury.

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