Mangini on Curtis Martin

Q)What are your thoughts on Curtis Martin at this point of his career? Mangini: He does every single thing we ask him to do, and more. He's the type of guy that you got to almost pull him back a little bit because he's just such a hard worker.

Nobody outworks Curtis. He's a great, role model. He consistently takes the young guys to the side. It doesn't even have to be an offensive player, it could be a defensive player that might have had a couple bad plays, is struggling with some area. He's that guy that helps him along with that process. There's a ton I like about Curtis.

Q)How effective do you think he can be at 33 coming off a knee injury?

Mangini: He always has exceeded expectations throughout his career. He's a unique guy.

Q)Where is Curtis in his rehab?

Mangini: Curtis is on target in terms of rehab. It's one of those things where it's June, so we've got a long way to go.

Q)Is he still limited at this point?

Mangini: We set up a program. We follow that program. He's met or exceeded all the expectations of the program.

Q)What else do you like about Curtis?

Mangini: One of the things we're looking for in our players is consistency. We always talk about, "Are you the same guy every day?" I haven't been with Curtis in a while, but I was with Curtis when he first got here. Curtis is the same guy every day. His approach, it's unique. You can't ask for a better mentor for younger players than him.

Q)How does he fit the new system?

Mangini: With the system, both offensively and defensively, we're going to cater that to always play to our strengths. It's going to be different week in and week out so the role for any player could vary. It could be 50 runs, 50 passes. We're always going to try to assess where we're strongest, where they are weakest and how we can attack their weaknesses.

Q)How would you compare Curtis to Cedric Houston?

Mangini: It's early. There's no pads on. I haven't spent a lot of time with both of them. We'll have to see how that plays out.

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